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2018 Canal Adventure

Leadership training / Teamwork / historic / Water highway / Narrow Boat 


Exploring the British canal system of water transport played a vital role in the United Kingdom's Industrial Revolution at a time when roads were only just emerging from the medieval mud and long trains of packhorses which were the only means of "mass" transit by road of raw materials and finished products. It was no accident that amongst the first canal promoters were the pottery manufacturers of Staffordshire. The UK was the first country to acquire a nationwide canal network.


Our Course has been designed for up to 6 persons who would like training on a Narrowboat or Canal boat but who are not yet at the stage of having enough hands-on experience. This course will help young people to build confidence, teamwork and leadership management. We will teach you the basics, from tiller (steering) work, lock management, mooring, winding the boat (turning round), ropes and how to living with lots of people in a close quarter etc.

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