Aaron Indur 

Guardian Mentor

Following his education at military school in UK & Germany, Aaron joined the Army in 1991 and had a long and illustrious career, leaving as a Staff Sergeant. He served with many regiments and also the Directorate of Military Operations in Whitehall London and Army Recruiting Team in Stafford.


He undertook military operations in; Bosnia, assigned as close protection to the Commander of the British Forces; Iraq on two occasions; and also, in Afghanistan. His time in the army, in highly trusted and important positions, has given him an excellent and diverse background to prepare students for the future. He attained a raft of valuable skills during this time, most notably in leadership and team-building.


He specialises in helping students build resilience, collaborate effectively, and identify what makes a good leader. All of his past experiences have required hard work, flexibility, and determination, attributes he can assist the students with. He also
has excellent insight into responsibility, trust and trustworthiness.

UK Guardianship Service

We provide guardianship for students planning to study in the UK aged from 11 to 18, for short and long term and whether boarding or with a host family. Apart from the standard logistical arrangements to cover holiday periods, we are available 24/7 for students and parents in Chinese or English language. As guardians, we act on behalf of parents who are unfamiliar with British culture, educational systems and English language. This will ensure the student receives the best possible support in order to settle in quickly. 


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