Mrs Abby Plumb

Educator & Founder – Ma Shuk Ying UK Guardianship Service


Mrs Abby Plumb, a passionate educator and acclaimed child carer, founded Ma Shuk Ying UK Guardianship Service in the West Midlands in 2002. The company provides bespoke one-stop education solutions of British education consultancy and professional guardianship for international students age 11 to 18, from Hong Kong, Macau and China.Mrs Plumb has been a State-Certified Foster Carer of Telford and Wrekin Council, West Midlands for pre and post-16 children. A recognised expert, she has twice been invited by BBC radio to speak live about foster children and often been interviewed by a local newspaper on issues in childcare. She has advised local authorities on foster children extended care policies and been used as a beacon to train other childcare providers. In her earlier career, she founded the childcare service Club4Children which was short-listed for two categories in the Finals of the national 4Children’s ChildcareStars Awards.

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Combined with her own British education experience, expert knowledge in childcare and professional guardian experience, UK Guardianship Service has successfully supported over 360 young people through secondary school to University in the UK. The service looks after their education in transition and holistic wellbeing while studying in the UK. The majority of these students achieve excellent academic results.

Mrs Plumb is sensitive to the cross-cultural challenge to international students; her holistic care approach in supporting students’ on-boarding experience and inspiring them to study success in G-5 universities has made her a much sought-after professional guardian. She is also a popular speaker in major overseas education forums and schools in Macau and Hong Kong; her insight into the British education system is often featured in the Chinese media. Mrs Plumb received a First Class Honours Degree in Health Studies from the University of Wolverhampton, UK.

1980 已在英國接授中學寄宿學校教育

1986 在英國獲的她第一個工商管理,主修市場硏究文學士學位

1999 開辦托兒服務主力推廣利用小朋友在托兒所的時間,用教育活動形式來幫助兒童建立自信心成 長,她深信兒童是將來社會的楝樑,一個健康的社會由育兒工作開始. 在培養孩子的教育和生活 技能方面上充滿激情,活力和專業. 她主張培養少年十八歲時能有獨立的全面個體,是父母能給孩子 最好的禮物。

2006 獲得社區健康與社會關懷基礎學位, 同年入圍英國國家兒童保育協會人員獎和團隊獎, 當地政府用 她的托兒服務,作為教授其他育兒服務可追隨的傑出榜樣。

2008 成立了註冊慈善機構 - 關愛社區慈善機構,重建“鄉村互助精神”

2011 受到英國 BBC 電台邀請進行現場訪問,以提高市民對弱勢兒童困境的認識. 一直受到當地報紙歡 迎的採訪對象,因為她的育兒概念非常受歡迎,並且作視作為兒童發展專家備受推崇

2014 英國政府立法更改,Abby 還幫助地方當局製定了 “寄養兒童長期逗留” 的框架工作政策作為配 合。

2016 更獲得健康研究的一等榮譽學士學位,她的資歷中尚有許多其他商業/ 兒童發展資格未能盡數。 她已經成為海外學生的監護人已有二十多年,她帶領許多學生達到甚至超越學生的理想,並在香 港和澳門的海外監護人領域建立了一流的聲譽。