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What We Offer - Accommodation

Girls and Boys aged 11 to 18

Host Family

Boarder holiday period or day students
Both host family and school work together with the philosophy that every student in our care is treated as an individual. Educational and personal development is the foundation for the future, especially in an ever increasingly competitive world. For these reasons we ensure that our pupils become a part of the family, at school and with the host family, even before they arrive in the UK! All our host families are carefully selected to ensure that students settle quickly, additionally all members of the host family are police checked. If the student has any problems or anxieties, they are addressed quickly and effectively by the host family.

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Boarding cultivates self-reliance, getting your child used to cooperating with others, making their own choices about day to day decisions and learning about organising one’s time. This makes it easier to make the transition from school to university, also equipping them with the independence they need to succeed when they leave education and go out to work.

When boarding, expert members of the school are available for longer than they would be for day school students. If a student has a problem with homework, for example, a subject expert will normally be on hand to help. Extracurricular activities are far more extensive than those on offer for day students. Students are kept busy in their downtime, which means they will have numerous opportunities to get involved in new hobbies, thereby developing additional skills valuable for later in life.

Boarding students will make strong friendships as they live together from a young age and in addition will become a support network for each other. Friends made at boarding schools will often become friends for life.

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