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Adcote School

Girls aged 7 to 17


Adcote School For Girls is a well-known small private girls’ boarding school located in Shrewsbury in the Midwest of England. It is about an hour’s drive from Birmingham, the second largest city in the UK. It has a quiet environment and is surrounded by green gardens. The campus occupies an area. It is 27 acres with picturesque scenery. The school was founded in 1907 and is famous for its excellent academic reputation. It currently has about 220 students. The campus has excellent facilities. The student-teacher ratio is 1:4. There are currently about 12 Hong Kong and Macau students.


A Level Results

In 2021, the proportion of A*-B in the British college entrance examination (A-levels) was 86%, and the proportion of A*-A reached 73%. Students progressed to the top universities in the UK to continue their studies, with more than 70% of students get A* and A grades in STEM-related subjects.

In 2020, the proportion of A*-C in the British college entrance examination (A-levels) is 86%.

In addition, the school has cooperated with the Chartered Management Institute (Chartered Management Institute) to provide management and leadership courses for 12th grade students. The students successfully passed the (CMI) Level 3 (Level 3) qualifications.
Qualified graduates, with a passing rate of 100%, and outstanding results.

Adcote's school education achievements are highly recognized. It has been awarded the Award for Excellence by the Independent Schools Association (ISA) many times. The school won the ISA "Excellence Award" in 2012 and also won the ISA in 2019. The Academic Innovation and Achievement Award, which has been shortlisted many times in 2011, 2014, 2015, 2018 and 2020, reflects the educational achievements of the entire school.


Adcote School is rated as the school with the highest value-added students in the central region of the UK in 2020


When parents are looking at the ranking list or the common school names of the promotion agent, there are still a large number of high-quality private schools in the UK, which are not well known. These high-quality schools may not participate in the ranking game, but it does not mean that the school’s performance is inferior. It should be noted that there are still a variety of academic evaluation standards in the UK, it just depends on how the school proves the academic standards. Progress 8 and Attainment 8 are the two latest standards that affect the ranking of schools. As a parent, if you are interested in sending your child to a British secondary school, you must pay attention to how to correctly use different criteria to choose a school.

What is Progress 8? As the name suggests, Progress 8 stands for progress, which is how much progress this school can bring to children. This standard is a score, the lowest is -1 and the highest is +1. To put it simply, progress means to see how well students progress in the GCS test five years after entering the middle school. Therefore, it compares the scores of the students who have just entered the middle school with the scores of the final GCSE.

Adcote League Tables.jpg

The following table shows an example of exam progress and achievement standards for schools in the central region of the UK. This standard is a score, with the lowest being -1 and the highest being +1. In March 2020, Adcote was rated as the school with the highest value-added for students in the central region of the UK. Adcote School for Girls Top 5 A-Level Progress scored the highest 0.43, and even surpassed Concord College, the top 10 elite school in the UK.

For a non-selective school, Adcote School pulled students from GCE A level C to A within five years. This standard measures how much value-added progress the school can bring to students. . It is just how much progress this kind of school can bring to children, which means that the school is doing its best to improve the quality of students, with the goal of striving for top universities. Last year, one student from Adcote School successfully entered the University of Oxford.

ISA National Award "CLEAR" Study Program


Adcote School implements a unique and groundbreaking self-image character shaping "CLEAR" learning program in junior high schools, which has won ISA national awards. This program provides different activities and opportunities for junior high school students, through activities and creating successful experiences, so as to enhance the five core values of CLEAR for young students:

C - stands for confidence
L - stands for Leadership
E - stands for Engagement into the world

A - stands for Achiever achievements
R - stands for resilience resilience

This program aims to enhance students' self-confidence, sense of responsibility and leadership skills, and to participate in the world to deliver positive messages such as harmony, coexistence, sense of accomplishment, healthy living and cherishing life. In short, Adcote School has established the qualities required for lifelong success and happiness for students in holistic education.

Many parents with their children attending schools reported that they chose such smaller schools for their daughters for a very reasonable reason. When the number of students in the school is small, teachers and classmates will have more time for everyone, and there will be more communication. The relationship is as close as a big family, which is very helpful for teaching and caring for the daughter. Small-scale schools shorten the distance between everyone and make it easier to make friends. The resources of the school become more even, that is, everyone has equal opportunities and will not be diluted, which means that children can easily follow their own interests in school and can try many aspects. Self-confidence was quickly built up in the development and activities of the company. Unlike in a large school with a large number of people, learning resources are shared by a large number of students, and it takes competition to get an opportunity, or even no opportunity.

In addition to the academic achievements of Adcote School For Girls, students have also achieved outstanding results in sports, track and field, gymnastics, fencing, horse riding and performing arts. The school is the champion of gymnastics and track and field in the Midwest of England, and the school’s equestrian team. His outstanding performance was summoned by the Queen of England. The theater and chorus have also been invited to participate in international competitions and performances and won awards many times. The students won the title of "Best Young Performer of the Year" at the 2018 Youth Music Festival.


STEM & Leadership Course


The school’s educational philosophy also keeps pace with the times, and the school actively develops girls’ learning abilities in science and leadership. The school A-Level has excellent results in science subjects such as advanced mathematics and science. In the past, students have been admitted to elite universities such as Cambridge University and Imperial College London to study science and engineering courses, which proves that the education of girls' schools can also establish a reliable learning environment for STEM subjects. Adcote Girls' School won the best operating model for its light wheelchair ramp in the 2018 British MNA STEM Challenge. Adcote's 8th grade chemistry team won the first prize in the Chemistry Festival competition held at the University of Liverpool in June 2018. The results are obvious to all.

In addition, the school has cooperated with the Chartered Management Institute in the United Kingdom to offer management and leadership courses for sixth form students, allowing students to get in touch with professional business management knowledge as early as the middle school stage, which helps to clarify the direction of university selection. Adcote is the first secondary school in the UK. When its 12th grade students were still in school, they had successfully passed its CMI Level 3 qualification graduates, with a pass rate of 100% and outstanding results. Students who are interested in business can even write their course experience into the personal statement of university application (Personal Statement) to prove their enthusiasm for business and increase their chances of enrolling in top business schools.

The school's annual tuition fee is £39,600, and there are usually many additional miscellaneous fees in the overseas tuition fee, but the school's annual tuition fee also includes: three semesters a year Half-Term holiday free accommodation, school departure and return airport transfers, and year-round international The tuition fee of EAL for students, the above items can already save parents at least £3,000 per year, saving nearly 8% of tuition expenses, and tuition fees are indeed relatively close to London.

Universities and subjects that Adcote graduates have enrolled in in recent years


Accounting and Finance - University of Reading
Accounting and Finance - University of Lancaster
Accounting and Finance - City University of London Accounting and Finance 
Animal Sciences - University of Nottingham
Art School of Visual Arts New York City
Biotechnology - University of Nottingham
Business and Marketing Management - University of Liverpool
Chemical Engineering (via Natural Sciences) - University College of London
Chemistry - Oxford University
Economics and Statistics - University of Leeds
Engineering (Electronic and Electrical) - University College of London
Fashion - University of Creative Art
Fashion and Buying Merchandising - Manchester Metropolitan University
Fashion Merchandise Management - University of Art London
Food and Nutrition - University College Birmingham
International Hospitality Management - Oxford Brookes University
Journalism - University of Westminster
Law - University of Lancaster

Law - University of Essex
Law with Management - Aston University
Mathematics and Statistics - University of Warwick
Mathematics with Statistics for Finance - Imperial College London
Media and Information - University of Amsterdam
Media studies and sociology - City University of London

Nutrition - University of Bournemouth
Pharmacy - University of Leicester
Philosophy, Politics and Economics - Oxford University
Psychology - University of Swansea
Psychology - University of Essex

Psychology Leiden University, Holland
Sociology University of Exeter
Sport Management University of Coventry
Sports Coaching Liverpool John Moores University


Adcote Girls’ School still has a small number of degrees in all grades. Hong Kong students are welcome to sign up as soon as possible


If you are interested in classmates or parents, please attach the classmate’s Hong Kong identity certificate and transcripts of the past two years, and email to or whatsapp +44 (0) 7920 000 810 to apply. The school will confirm the email to register and follow up .

Please specify in the email: Application to Admission & Hong Kong (Code HK2021)

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