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Alex Ho 


Hello! I’m Alex and I’ve just completed my BSc Business Economics (Industry) at Lancaster University. As a student from Hong Kong, who came here to study at university, I understand how challenging it can be to adapt to overseas study. I aim to study for an MSc in Computer Science, and my dream is to develop a program to help businesses improve their efficiency and finances. I was very fortunate to undertake a one-year industry internship as a cost analyst for a large British manufacturing firm, trading across Europe. During this experience, I gained many valuable skills including team-work and communication, and my experiences in education have taught me to be resilient, determined, and to persevere. I have worked on cost analysis for catering at a leading UK independent school, and also at an accountancy firm in Hong Kong for a summer. I have been part of the guardianship service for several years, helping students with team building and sharing my lived-experience and advice to make their UK education journey easier. I am active and willing to try anything, have been involved with helping students to flourish on many of our summer tours, and have taken part in our conservation tours to North Cyprus. I really enjoy travelling and different cultures, discovering new sights, smells, and tastes, and bringing back influences to my cooking, which is another passion of mine.

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