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Bryanston School

The famous British aristocratic boarding school for boys and girls, Bryanston School, the cradle of elite academic art
Classes starting in September 2023.


Now enrolling


The Bryanston School, a member of the Eton Group, a traditional private school alliance, was established in 1928 and is located on 400 acres outside the southern Blandford Forum, which has the second highest family income in Dorset, South West England. The campus is vast, with abundant teaching and activity facilities.

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Bryanston School

Bryanston School is a co-educational school that provides education and a multicultural learning environment to approximately 700 students from around the world. The school is the first boarding school in the UK to adopt the Dalton Plan teaching method. This teaching method originated from the United States. It hopes to train students to be independent, allocate their own time and record them with excellent results. Bryanston School has been a popular boarding school for royalty and celebrities from around the world for many years, including famous artist Lucian Freud and Princess Haya bint Hussein of Jordan, among others.

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School supporting facilities 

The huge campus support stream allows Bryanston School students to enjoy a variety of equipment in the classroom and after school. The school has an equestrian center.

In addition to being recognized by the British Horse Society (British Horse Society), it is also a training venue for the BHS exam, where students can learn from award-winning jockeys.

You will surely benefit a lot. The school has a fully equipped music building Tom Wheare Music School and art building The Don Potter Art
School, as well as independent design and technology buildings, theaters and recording studios, etc., are well-equipped.


In addition to activities and learning facilities, in student development and daily life. On the other hand, Bryanston School has a medical center to take care of students, including 24-hour general medical services and psychological counseling, and a physical therapist for students
Improve sports performance and treat sports injuries.

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Extracurricular activities

Bryanston School is a famous traditional boarding school. The school actively encourages students to try different types of activities. In addition to cultivating their interests, they can also increase their interest by participating in competition.

Confidence. In addition to the usual sports, there are rock climbing, dog training, film making, golf, jewelry making, skateboarding, and mountain biking.

There are more than 80 kinds of activities, as well as charity activities, community service projects and cultural exchanges, etc., which provide students with opportunities to experiment and explore their interests.
and challenge yourself.

英國高考(A-levels)A*-A 比例


A* / A

2020 GCSE Results


9 - 7
(A* - A)

2020 GCE A Level Results


9 - 7
(A* - A)

Academic performance


Bryanston School is committed to cultivating students' resourcefulness, independence and creativity, and courage to choose their own direction. All GCSE students study Maths, English, Science and at least one modern foreign language. Foundation students can choose to take the UK College Entrance Examination or the IB Foundation. In addition to the usual IB subjects, the school also offers Exercise and Health Sciences, Environmental Systems and Society, and Film. IB students achieve excellent results, with an average of 35 (with a maximum of 45).

Bryanston School offers college entrance examination (A-levels) and International Foundation Diploma (IB) courses at the preparatory stage, with excellent public examination results. Most graduates choose to continue their studies in the UK. According to the school's statistics, the top 15 most popular universities between 2014 and 2020 include excellent universities such as Oxbridge, UCL, Durham, Edinburgh and Bristol.

*The GCSE, A-levels and IB exams in 2020 and 2021 have been cancelled due to the impact of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. School evaluation instead. Parents should also refer to the public examination results of the past few years when choosing schools.

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One-to-one tutorial system


The school advocates that students become independent learners, which means that students not only have the ability to learn independently, but also have the ability to discover and solve problems. After entering college, strong autonomy can help students make the perfect transition to college life.

For this purpose, the school adopts different teaching methods for students of different grades. For freshmen in their first year, the main task of teachers and tutors is to help students build self-confidence and master the methods of self-directed learning.

In the last year, in addition to the daily courses, each student will spend a lot of time discussing with professional teachers to complete their homework with high quality. Almost all students have developed the habit of self-study. No human supervision is required.

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Care Policy / Boarding Life

Bryanston offers both boys' and girls' dormitories. The boys in the ninth class live in the lower grade dormitory first, and then live in the upper grade dormitory for the next four years, while the girls live in the same dormitory. The medical center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and student needs are attended to by resident nurses. Weekends offer entertainment such as movie trips, pizza making, paintball and dry slope skiing.

Extracurricular Activities and Personal Development

Bryanston believes that young people should have the courage to explore new interests, and the school provides them with opportunities for them to have a balanced education and life, so there are more than 100 different extra-curricular activities to stimulate students' potential outside the classroom. The school also places emphasis on outdoor education and offers students the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards and Ten Tours Challenge. 

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Creative Arts


The creative arts have a strong reputation at the school. Music, design, film and theatre, the school aims to provide students with the time and space to provide encouragement and guidance so that students can make their mark on artistic activities at school and beyond. The school provides rich art scholarships in painting, music, design, performance, etc., to attract children with potential in the field of art.

Art is a compulsory subject for Bryanston's first year. Every student in Year 2 takes an instrumental or singing course throughout the school year. Students perform in a variety of concerts, recitals and musical groups and teach more than 600 individual music lessons per week.

The school produces 15-20 theatrical productions each year, so students have plenty of opportunities to perform, design and direct. The school places a strong emphasis on student-directed plays that encourage independence, creativity and initiative. Students interested in technology can join stage work and learn to handle equipment, stage design, lighting arrangements and costume production. The school's purpose-built theatre, Coade Hall, features state-of-the-art stage lighting and sound systems. In addition, the school has a large Greek theater for students to perform outdoor performances in the summer.

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Enrich Life Experiences

The school's 400-acre estate provides the perfect setting for a variety of sports and outdoor adventures. The school's facilities include sports fields, equestrian centres, tennis courts, climbing towers and sports centres.


When it comes to physical activity, the school's philosophy is: to provide every student with an equal opportunity to play sports; any sport should be fun and inclusive; every student can fall in love with at least one sport when leaving campus , to accompany them for the rest of their lives.

Extracurricular activities include sports, arts, music, science and academic clubs and societies, and students should be able to find something that suits their interests, whatever their interests.

Bryanston School Application Enquiry


Entrance requirements: The evaluation is based on the student's school grades and conduct, and an entrance examination is also required. Depending on the school's requirements, students may also have the opportunity to be interviewed.

Classes begin in September 2023 and are now enrolling students. Interested students should check directly with the Abby Plumb Educational Guardian Service in the UK for details. Mrs Abby Plumb, a senior Chinese education guardian in the UK, will provide analysis and suggestions to help parents and students make arrangements for further education. The most professional education consultation service (online consultation time can be reserved by email or telephone).

Bryanston School

Address: Bryanston School, Blandford Forum DT11 0PX, UK


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