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Carol Daly 

Host Family Co-Ordinator 


I qualified as a primary school teacher in 1974, I worked at a local school from qualifying to retirement due to ill health in 2009, I took a small amount of time off work when I had my daughters, during this time I specialised in becoming a SENCO, for primary aged children, specialising in Autism, Behavioral Challenges, ADHD and welfare within a classroom environment.  I have had my own business working with students from all over the world since 1986, I have worked with school groups from France and Spain, and Music Festivals, with participants from worldwide.


In 2002, I started working for a Guardianship company, again with students primarily from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Russia, and Europe, these students are in boarding school, and I am their point of contact.  I have worked for a local Language school, where I was headhunted to work for them placing all their adult and junior students into accommodation whilst studying, for this job we worked alongside British Council regulations.  I have also arranged all accommodation for the local football club, including the apprentices.  I am up to date on my Safeguarding and Welfare Officer courses.   I am currently working for the Government working on COVID contracts.

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