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Grace Tong 

GCSE – A Level Chinese Mentor

Twenty years of teaching experience, a gentle, high-standard and unique teaching model featuring creative teaching. She used to be a teacher training at the Confucius Institute in the Southwest of the United Kingdom, providing classroom observations for teachers of Chinese as a foreign language from many countries.


The Consul General Fei Mingxing of the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom retrained the classroom and gave it high praise. She also provided classroom observations for well-known domestic professors to come to the UK. Her teaching targets range from preschool to GCSE, YCT, HSK, with a passing rate of 100%, GCSE 100% A*, A-level 100% A or A*. A level and have never taught YCT, HSK, the school has YCT, HSK test centre qualification. She has coached many Cambridge candidates.

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