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Haberdashers' Monmouth Schools

The Monmouth Model educates girls & boys aged 3 - 18 through a unique combination of single-sex and co-education at the optimum stages of their academic life.

Haberdashers is a well-known charity and school organization in the United Kingdom with a history of hundreds of years. They have established 15 organizations throughout the United Kingdom and London.Public and private primary and secondary schools with excellent academic performance. The schools under it not only have a high quality of education, many students have successfully entered Oxford, Cambridge or top universities in the UK.Moreover, due to the support of the school-running organization and the economical tuition, the school is very popular among local families in the UK.


Haberdashers' Monmouth Schools

Two of them are Haberdashers' Monmouth, a famous British boarding school located in Monmouth, South Wales, in the west of EnglandSchool for Boys, the boys’ school was established in 1614 and has a long history of more than 400 years. It is an experienced boys’ school.Haberdashers' Monmouth School for Girls was established in 1892. The two schools not only enjoy a high academic reputation, but are also close to the prestigiousThe beautiful Black Mountain, Wye Valley and Forest of Dean, the environment is beautiful and pleasant, no wonder Monmouth wasThe Times was named one of the twelve best school districts. The girls’ school is on the mountain, 10 minutes away from the boys’ school at the foot of the mountain, in the eyes of the local familyIt is a prestigious school, all due to its close tuition and good grades, the annual tuition including board and lodging is about HK$340,000.


In addition, the school belongs to the Haberdashers group, and there are also kindergartens and elementary schools under the same school. School groups adopt the Diamond Model formatTeaching, that is, the kindergarten and elementary school are mixed with male and female students, and the seventh class (junior high school) to the tenth class are divided into boys’ and girls’ schools in their own school buildingsclass. Starting in September 2018, the Sixth Form preparatory department of the school was changed to a combined class for men and women to assist them in preparing for graduation and going to university.

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