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Host Family Staying and Learning Program

We share most of the worries of parents when sending their children to study abroad away from home; while on the one hand, they hope they will learn to be independent, but on the other hand, worry about if they have enough care and help as when they need them. Students at different ages need different levels of care and support, especially moving to a wholly new and culturally different environment.

In the British regulation, International students in boarding schools in the UK must have a guardian over 25 years of age, excluding those relatives who are studying in the UK and living in school dorms. For those students studying in the UK under the age of 16 do not have a British passport or the right to reside in the UK, they must enrol in a British independent boarding school and stay in a dormitory so that the school can care for them. For those over 16 years old can decide to enter an independent boarding school or state school and choose to stay with a host family.

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We as a registered guardian service company can help international students to arrange to stay in a qualified host family in the UK and even over the long vacation such as a summer holiday. We carefully select high-quality host families providing a safe living and English language environment for your child.  There are many value-added benefits for an overseas student to stay in a hosting family; the opportunity allows the student to settle down quickly and get fully integrated into the local culture and knowledge in the UK.


Benefits of Staying with the Host Family

1. Improving English communication skills
The host families we arrange are all native English-speaking families; students living in these families should be given plenty of practice in picking English to communication skills. 

2. Growing independence with life skills training
Students staying in British host families will help them to integrate into local life and settle down quickly. The student will get chances to help the host family with housework, such as cooking, washing clothes and washing dishes etc. It will help to develop their life skills and independence in preparation for University life. 

3. Providing academic support and tutoring to students in need
As some of the students may need to catch up with learning over the holidays, some of the host families are qualified teaching professionals, can also provide learning support and tutoring to students in need, especially English language. Many of the host families we arranged are teachers and highly-educated who are happy to given extra help to the students in the academic subjects that they need help with. 

4. Providing Healthy Leisure Activities for students
Our host families understand the needs of young people, including their hobbies and interests. They are happy to provide them with some suitable healthy leisure activities such as movies, travel, skiing, drama, dance, cooking, concerts, museums, cycling, hiking and local cultural events etc., to help them make friends and to understand and integrate into the local culture.

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Our Host Families are Selected Based on Standards and Qualities

Our host families have been rigorously selected based on high quality. We conduct an initial house inspection to confirm the host family's suitability for the role, suitability to work with children. To qualify as our host family, the family must meet the following four criteria:

British Nationality 
The host family must be a holder of a British Passport, and English is their native and daily communication language.

Enhanced DBS checks are required for 16 years and over 
Host family parents must pass the UK Government's police DBS check. Every member over 16 years old in the family must have no criminal record to ensure the students can live in a healthy environment after staying with the host family.

Home Being Certified for safe Living  
The premises of the qualified host family must be tested for safety such as gas and electricity service and obtained safety certificates as proof. Additionally, the house should be maintained clean and has adequate living places for the students to move in with a separate room.

Willingness to Maintain Communication 
After the student moves in, the host family is willing to maintain communication with the student's parents, guardian company and school. Any problems need to be communicated at the earliest stage.



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