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Lancing College

Co-educational for ages 13 – 18 years old.


Lancing College is a great British tradition of men and women boarding school , located in Ying Guo south of Sussex in Lancing town , near the city of Brighton , 550 acres of grounds, school was founded in 1848 years has Britain's most beautiful and most classic boarding school campus First, there is a majestic and majestic Gothic cathedral Lancing Chapel on the campus, which is the school's symbol .    


Lancing College not only ranks among the best in the UK in academic performance , but also rigorously admits students, with excellent academic and athletic performance. The school covers an area of ​​550 acres and has top sports, music and boarding facilities, allowing students to unleash their full potential. Abundant extracurricular activities can provide students with various opportunities for self-enhancement.


Lancing College

The school is close to Gatwick and Heathrow airports, which are 40 minutes and 75 minutes away by car respectively , and the transportation is convenient . At the beginning and end of the semester, the school will provide shuttle bus services to and from the aforementioned airports. In 2017 Nian 3 months, the school in private schools inspectorate (ISI) was awarded the "excellent" rating in the assessment check. The school accepts UKiset scores for admission applications and is very popular among Chinese and Hong Kong international students.


The school covers an area of ​​550 acres, including a 40-acre school farm. The main building is magnificent. In recent years, new libraries, technology centers and dance studios have been built, and many previous laboratories have been renovated and refurbished to meet the needs of modern teaching. The school has a group of rigorous and experienced teachers with a teacher-student ratio of 1:8. The school will teach students in accordance with their characteristics and interests .

Lancing Caring Policy / Boarding Life

Lancing is committed to creating a relaxed and pleasant environment, building up students' self-confidence and self-reliance, hoping to nurture people who are responsible, good at communication and imaginative. A total of nine school dormitory , the girls are divided into four quarters (Field,'s , Handford , Manor and Sankey's) , as well as five boys dormitory (Gibb's, Head's , School , Second's and the Teme) . Except for the two dormitories specially designed for day school students , the other dormitories provide full boarding and flexible boarding services for students aged 13 or above.


Lancing ’s dormitory is divided into five groups by grade, allowing students to live with peers of similar age . Students in grades 11-13 can have separate study rooms . In order to ensure the health of students, the school has a well-equipped health center, which is open around the clock and is managed by six dedicated personnel with professional nursing experience .

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2020 Results


Grade A* - A


Grade A* - B


Grade 9 - 7


Grade 9 - 6

Excellent academic performance

Lancing College strives to provide quality education, inspire every student to think and broaden their horizons. The teacher-student ratio in the school is about one to eight, and each group of the college entrance examination course does not exceed 15 students. The school arranges a personal tutor for each student, meets regularly with the students, gives encouragement and support, and assists them in solving problems.

The school's academic performance has always been among the best, especially in subjects such as mathematics, history, art, and science. The school offers more than 20 college entrance examination subjects, including new drama and theater studies. In 2020, A Level schools will achieve an impressive A*/A 50% result. Over the years, many A Level graduates have entered many popular subjects in top British universities, including Cambridge, Oxford, and Imperial. More than half of the students have been accepted by Russell Group universities, and nearly 10% of the students are studying medicine or biology. medicine. In addition, students can also study Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) to improve independent learning and research capabilities, which is conducive to admissions to top universities. 

GCSE courses include core courses and elective courses. The core subjects are English and English literature, mathematics, science ( choose 2-3 subjects ) , religion. Electives must have a sports department of modern foreign languages and other electives include: Art, Design and Technology ; drama ; French or Italian ; geography ; German or Spanish or classical Greek history; classical civilization ; music .

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Sixth Form courses must choose three to four subjects from the following:

Art, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Classical Civilization, Design and Technology, Drama research studies , economics , English literature , physics, history, math, French language, Xi Ban Ya language, German language, music, photography, physics, political governance, psychology, religion, research studies and sports.

Extracurricular activities and personal development

Lancing College added the Reeve College of Art in 2008. The school has 2 large studios for A Level and GCSE art students to teach and use. In addition, the Drama Department and the Music Department have large-scale cooperation performances every year, providing performance opportunities for students who are interested in this area.


In addition to academics, the school is also very good in sports. The school has comprehensive sports facilities to encourage students to develop diversified, including indoor swimming pools, three squash courts, multiple fitness rooms, tennis courts, etc. In addition, the school added a new equestrian center in 2017, covering an area of ​​15 acres with a total of 20 horses.


The school encourages students to participate in different extracurricular activities to develop their own interests. In addition to comprehensive sports, music, and theater facilities, the school has a 70-acre farm and a Farm Project in South Downs National Park. The farm plan mainly teaches students about conservation and animal welfare, agricultural development, and supports other subjects for activity teaching. For students who are interested in veterinary or animal husbandry development, they can gain experience in animal husbandry and agricultural management and production . The farm plan allows students to manage pigs, sheep, white rabbits and other domestic animals on the farm by themselves to provide practical experience . In addition, the brand-new equestrian center opened in 2017 , with all-weather venues and equestrian trails leading to the South Downs National Park, where students of different abilities can practice horse riding.


The school also believes that extracurricular activities can increase students’ experience. In addition to encouraging students to participate in youth enterprise programs and gain business experience, Lancing College also recommends that high school students go for internships during holidays. Students who are interested in the technical aspects of the theater can join Lancing 's stage team and learn about lighting and sound effects from a full-time technical stage manager. Other students can also learn stage dressing and makeup skills.

Lancing College

Boarding Age: 13 - 18 years old

Number of students: 608

Number of Boarders: 353

Male: 197

Female: 141

International Boarding Students: 191

Number of Sith Form:

Male: 145

Female: 103

Number of Dormitories: 9 rooms

Annual Tuition Fees for 2020-21

Boarding: £37,065

Day School: £25,320

Application And Enquiry

Lancing College is accepting applications for classes that will start in September 2021 / 2022 and are now enrolling students. If you are interested, please contact Abby Plumb Educational Guardian Service in the UK for details.


Mrs Abby Plumb, a senior Chinese educational guardian in the United Kingdom, will provide analysis and suggestions to help parents and students prepare for further studies.

The most professional education consultation service (online consultation time can be reserved by email or phone).

Lancing College

Address: Lancing, West Sussex BN15 0RW

Phone: +44 (0)20 8959 1176


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