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Loughborough Grammar School

Boys aged 10 to 18 

One of the UK’s oldest boys’ schools and the most outstanding academic achievements. Loughborough Grammar School has a reputation for academic sports. Together with its four sister private co-ed day schools, primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, classes will start in September 2022. Joint enrollment is now in progress.

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Excellent Academic Performance

Founded in 1495, Loughborough Grammar School (LGS) is one of the oldest and most academically accomplished boys’ schools in the UK. The college is located in the centre of Loughborugh in Leicester County, in the middle of England, with convenient transportation. It is only 20 minutes away from East Midlands Airport. It takes 45 minutes and 2 hours and 15 minutes to reach Birmingham Airport and London Heathrow Airport respectively. The school is also close to Nottingham, a 15-minute drive away.

Loughborough is a famous university town, well-known for engineering and sports. The school building is quiet, quiet and safe. Near the campus, there are everything you need for life, such as the train museum, central queen's park, shops, supermarkets, and restaurants. The school is large in scale and well-equipped. It currently has about 1,000 students, but the number of international students and boarding students is small. Due to its affordable tuition, it is a popular choice for Hong Kong students.

The school is one of the five sister schools of the charity foundation Loughborough Schools Foundation (LSF). There are also four sister private co-educational day schools, elementary schools and kindergartens. Two private high schools, Loughborough High School (female day school), Loughborough Amherst School (co-educational day school), elementary schools Fairfield Prep School (primary school and kindergarten) and Loughborough Nursery (kindergarten), share a huge campus. The school’s teacher team has excellent qualifications. Many of them come from Oxbridge and hold PhD and master titles. The students have outstanding academic performance, so they have been selected as one of the best boys’ schools in the UK by The Times.

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Highest Educational Philosophy

For hundreds of years, Loughborough Grammar School has only trained boys because the school believes that boys and girls have very different growth stages and learning modes. For example, boys prefer active teaching and have a preference for science and modern technology-related subjects.


With hundreds of years of experience in educating top boys, the school takes care of their physical, mental, and learning needs and provides timely help, encouraging them to become wise and curious life-long learners, and with the will to continuously pursue innovation and not fear failure, Learn to show good judgment in complex environments, and become a leader who embraces challenges and has strong adaptability. Therefore, the school has always provided boys with a wide range of knowledge and skill sets, allowing them to realize their potential, achieve excellent results in public examinations, enter top universities, study their favorite subjects, and make their way to success in the future.

2020 A Level Results


Grade A* - A


Grade A* - B

2021 A Level Results


Grade A* - A


Grade A* - B

Excellent academic performance

LGS believes that high hopes and appreciation are particularly important to the success of students. The school is committed to helping students develop their strengths and diversified skills to cope with the ever-changing and opportunity-filled generation.

The school is well-known for its excellent academic performance and outstanding results in mathematics and science subjects. Approximately 95% of the school’s graduates each year enter first-choice universities and some Russell Group universities. On average, more than a dozen graduates each year successfully enter medical sciences or famous universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and UCL.

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2020 GCSE


GCSE 9-7


GCSE 9-5

2021 GCSE


GCSE 9-7


GCSE 9-5

Care Policy / Boarding Life

In recent years, the school has invested a lot of resources to improve the learning environment, including the construction of a new sports stadium and a chemical and biological science building, the renovation of two dormitories, and the purchase of various facilities in the dormitory. In addition, the school also reviews the operation from time to time and assigns additional dormitories and tutors to take care of the daily life of international students and assist them in following up their academic progress.


The school has two dormitories, named Denton House and School house. Each dormitory provides accommodation for 30 to 35 students throughout the semester or Monday to Friday. The two dormitories are well-equipped with spacious and comfortable bedrooms, leisure facilities and Internet services.


All meals are provided by the school canteen, but students can also use the kitchen in the dormitory. Up to four junior high school students share a room, senior students stay in a double room, and preparatory students can enjoy a separate room, allowing them to focus on studying and have more study and living space. Each boarder will be assigned a social group to strengthen the sense of security and friendship between partners. The dormitory also hosts many leisure activities on weekends, such as going to theaters, theaters and major cities in the UK.

Extracurricular Activities & Personal Development

LGS believes that extracurricular activities and schoolwork complement each other and are equally important to every school day, and all boys should have the same opportunity to benefit from them.


The school has more than 100 societies, integrating sports, music, drama and outdoor activities into every school day. The newly planned Thomas Burton Award defines the scope of extracurricular activities for different grades, and gradually cultivates the skills and adaptability needed in the future.


Sports is a major focus here. The school has outstanding performance and achievements in rugby, hockey, cricket, tennis, track and field and cross-country. Students are often selected for district teams, county teams, and even national teams. In addition to the swimming pool, sports field and court on campus, the school also has a huge sports center nearby, covering an area of 70 acres. In music, there are more than 50 groups for students to choose from.

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Boarding Tuition

2020/21 Boarding Tuition (Annually)

Y7 - Y13: £34,485

Sister Schools

The five sister schools of the Loughborough Schools Foundation (LSF) opened in September 2022 and are now enrolling students jointly.

Boarding boys' school - Loughborough Grammar School
Private High School Girls' Day School - Loughborough High School
Private High School Co-ed Day School - Loughborough Amherst School
Private primary schools and kindergartens - Fairfield Prep School
Private kindergarten - Loughborough Nursery

Loughborough Grammar School

Address: Loughborough Grammar School,
6 Burton Walks, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 2DU


Application And Enquiry

Classes will start in September 2022, and joint enrollment is now underway. If you are interested, please contact Abby Plumb Educational Guardian Service in the UK for details.


Mrs Abby Plumb, a senior Chinese education guardian in the United Kingdom, will give analysis and suggestions to help parents and students prepare for further studies. The most professional education consultation service (online consultation time can be reserved through email or telephone).

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