Myddelton College

Co-Ed aged 9 to 18


At Myddelton College we provide a unique blend of 21st Century learning and the best of British education. The college was originally founded in 1859 but has been under new ownership and management since 2016.


We believe that being a great school requires a different view of what education is and we take the broadest view of education with a wide range of activities that encompass the whole individual. Our academic expectations are high, but we also expect our students to develop an interest in sporting, creative and cultural areas. Myddelton students excel in many areas and compete locally and nationally in multiple events.

Our pastoral care goes far beyond basic welfare and we focus on developing the students both emotionally and intellectually.   In addition, a Chinese guardian fluent in both Cantonese and Mandarin is available.   Myddelton College is a Microsoft showcase school and students are expected to engage with the internet, with lessons that are delivered electronically, through Cloud technology and using flip learning techniques.

Classwork, homework, tests and examinations in addition to student’s general behavior are all measured and reported in ‘real time’.   This allows both staff and parents a unique insight into student’s achievements and behavior and enables assistance or corrective action to be given without delay.   As potential problems are highlighted in ‘real time’ there are no shocks awaiting parents when they read their son or daughters end of term report.


At Myddelton, the students are encouraged to work and learn together, only in examinations must they prove themselves as an individual.   Learning to interact and cooperate with others from a relatively early age helps prepare them better for university and future employment.

Staff at Myddelton are of a high calibre, with around a sixth of the academic staff having attended either Oxford or Cambridge Universities; Headteacher                                  

Deputy Head                                  

Head of Mathematics & Science    

Education Compliance Officer       

Further Mathematics Teacher         

2020  Head hails A-level heroes for outstanding success

A headmaster has hailed the outstanding resilience of his A-level students after attaining among the best results ever with more than three quarters of them gained grades ranging from A* to B. Andrew Allman at Myddelton College in Denbigh he was doubly proud of pupils’ achievements, coming in one of the most challenging years ever. He said: “Without a doubt the students have been battling against the odds this year. “The unprecedented environment of the pandemic piled untold extra pressure on schools and students. But Myddelton students have come through it with their heads held high. The results they achieved given these exceptional circumstances are excellent. They responded heroically to all the challenges”

100%         pass rate in A level  

78.8%     A* to B  

50%         A* to A  

100%         A* to A of the following subjects  

Drama and Theatre, Biology, Chemistry, Chinese, Russian, and EPQ.    


(Some of the elite students who we have permission to share their result)    

Pollyanna Reed 17  

Drama and theatre A*, History A, Psychology A, and English Language A  

Pollyanna, of Prestatyn, has secured her dream offer of a place to study psychology at Bath University    


Beatrice, of Mold,  

English Literature - Manchester University.    


Ieuan Gittins, 18, of Dyserth  

Law Nottingham University  

Biology A, Chemistry A and Mathematics A.    


Albert Gao  

BSc Computer Science  - King’s College, London  

Further Mathematics A, Mathematics A and Physics A.    


Konstantin Polyanskiy of Russia,  

Business Management - City University  

Business A*, Economics A*, Mathematics A and Russian B.

GCSE Press Release

The headmaster of one of the UK’s newest private schools said the “outstanding” GCSE exam results represented justice for his students, after having to cope with the trials and tribulations of the coronavirus crisis.
Mr Allman said: “They deserve to celebrate because they have been awarded the grades they deserved and I want to send a big thank you to them and to the staff here.
“They have all been incredibly resilient with the staff delivering a full curriculum of six lessons a day throughout the lockdown remotely from their own homes and the students signing into every lesson.”
They included Eve Scott, from Prestatyn, with nine A*s and As, closely followed by Daisy Garratt, from Kinmel Bay, and Keira Slater, from Trefnant, with eight while the school’s Spanish exam entrants all gained A*s and As.
In total 20 Year 11s took GCSEs at the school with their results based on their performance throughout the 2 year course including one boarder, Martin Wong, from Macao, China, who hasn’t been home since December because of the Covid-19 pandemic and who will next see his family in July.
He said: “Because Macao airport only has a small runway I have to fly to Hong Kong which is nearby and then self-isolate for two weeks there and then another two weeks when I cross into Macao.
“I’d have to repeat the process to come back so it was better to stay here at the school and with a family friend in Prestatyn.”
He spoke to his parents by phone and they were delighted with his eight passes including five As.
Keira Slater said: “I’m really pleased and I’m pleased I’ll be coming back in September,” while mum Kathryn added: “She got what she deserved and we’re delighted. She worked non-stop.”
Daisy Garratt said: “Over the last two weeks there has been a lot of stress because of everything that’s been going on over exams but I’m pleased and more surprised than anything.”
Her dad, Mike, said: “She’s happy and I’m happy. The important thing is that she has progressed and can go on to do what she wants to do.”
Oscar Davies, from Llanasa, in Flintshire, was also pleased and he said: “It was better than I expected, mostly As and Bs. 
“The remote lessons the teachers did right through lockdown have been really good, obviously not as good as actually being in school but they really helped me.”
Ffion Lloyd, from Dyserth, whose father, Ian, is Senior Deputy Headmaster at the school, plans to do Psychology among her A levels when she returns in September and hopes to go on to do a nursing degree.
She said: “I’m really, really pleased. I wasn’t expecting to do that well because it’s been difficult through lockdown but the school has really helped.”
In the vital English exam all 20 students gained A* to C grades while in Maths 18 of those students gained A* to C and in 14 of the 20 subjects covered all 20 gained A* to C, including in the Science subjects.
One Year 10 student, 15-year-old Ting Yiu Chan, also from Macao, took Chemistry a year early and repaid his teacher’s confidence with an A*.
Andrew Allman added a further tribute to the students and said: “It has been a very difficult and disruptive year for everyone but especially for the pupils taking exams and I want to congratulate them for these excellent results.
“The school has been very supportive and teachers have kept a full programme of lessons going throughout the pandemic with our use of Microsoft Teams and OneNote but for overseas students even that has posed its own difficulties because of time differences across the world.
“That makes it all the more outstanding that they have achieved such excellent grades.”