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Myddelton College
Combining the essence of 21st century British education and excellent STEM education.


Myddelton College is a small private boarding school located in the beautiful town of Denbigh in the north of Wales, UK. It is about an hour and a half drive from Manchester, UK. The school was originally established in 1859 (previously a girls’ school), from elementary school to middle school for 8 to 18-year-old students, providing one-stop education. The total number of students in the school is only 276, and there are 9 students from China, Hong Kong and Macao. Therefore, the relationship between teachers and students is close, and the school can take care of the individual care and needs of students.

The school has advanced educational concepts, combining the essence of excellent British education with the learning applications of the 21st century, especially STEM education. The school develops students' technological abilities, technological understanding and technological awareness through the science and technology education learning area to cultivate students' technological literacy. Students have excellent grades and can progress to prestigious universities in the UK.

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2021 GCSE Results


Grade 9 - 7
(A* - A)


Grade 9 - 4
(A* - C)

2019 A Level Results


Grade A* - A

Excellent academic performance in the 2021 public examination Myddelton College

In 2021, the A-levels A*-A ratio in the UK will reach 71%, and students will enter the top universities in the UK to continue their studies. 

In 2020, the A-levels A*-A ratio in the UK is 50%. A-levels in the UK in 2020, several students from the college have outstanding results, including:

1. Pollyanna Reed - A* in drama, A level in English, History and Psychology, and a successful admission to Bath University.

2. Ieuan Gittins - A grade in mathematics, chemistry, and biology, and successfully entered the law department of Nottingham University

3. Albert Gao - A grade in mathematics, advanced mathematics and physics, and successfully entered the Department of Computer Science at King’s College, London

4. Konstantin Polyanskiy - A * in business and economics, and A level in English. Enrolled in City University Business Administration.

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Comprehensive support for international students and English adaptation courses

Myddelton College provides English adaptation courses for international students. In addition to improving English language skills in the main courses, students from non-English speaking countries must also receive 4-5 hours of English instruction per week. Students in Key Stage 4 will study according to the IGCSE English Second Language Course; students who enter year 12 must meet the minimum requirements of B1, and will follow the IELTS course to study and prepare for the exam.

Students enrolled in Entry Level (A1 / 2) will take English courses at the beginning so that they can gradually read through GCSES, A Level or pre-university courses.

IGCSE optional subjects include: English, English Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Outdoor Sports, Art and Design Art and Design, Business Studies, Computer Science, Drama, Geography, History, Music, Sports, Religion.

A level optional subjects include: English, English Literature, Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Education, Economics, Geography, History, Art and Design, Business Studies, Computer Science, Psychology, Drama Studies, Music, religion.

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Cloud e-learning
Selected as the best partner school of Microsoft Wales 2020-2021

Regardless of the huge 37-acre campus, there are five school buildings that look like French castles. However, the school combines courses with e-learning. It is Microsoft’s only partner school in Wales (Microsoft showcase school). Cloudization in the classroom means all students will use a tablet computer.


In addition to consolidating students’ information technology skills, teachers can also use cloud technology and other technologies to prepare students for various learning resources both inside and outside the classroom. Providing immediate response or evaluation. Students study online in the School without interruption.

Unique forward-looking teaching concept
Cultivate students' key competitiveness in the 21st century



Myddelton College is a school that combines history and modern teaching. "Resilience, Scholarship and Fellowship" are the school's teaching objectives. The college environment is caring and friendly, and is committed to providing students with Diversified experiences enable them to develop personally and socially, help students face this new era full of changes and challenges, and focus on their academic, physically, as well as the whole-person development in dealing with others.

The school made changes and innovations in learning and teaching in 2016. The school’s forward-looking teaching philosophy realizes the transformation from traditional professional subject domain knowledge to the key competitiveness that students should have in the 21st century. The school actively teaches and develops students. Six abilities:

- Knowledge Construction 知識構建
- Collaboration 團隊共創
- Self-Regulation 自我調節
- Global Awareness 全球意識
- Creativity and Innovation 創造與創新

- Adaptability 適應能力

Both the teacher's teaching methods and the school environment must be adjusted in accordance with the changes in teaching goals in order to effectively cultivate students with international competitiveness. Schools identify needs, problems, and opportunities by developing students' technological capabilities; and through communicating and evaluating problem solutions, they make informed decisions. In addition to the above, the school also provides richer curriculum content, as well as effective evaluation and feedback to help students learn, and constantly encourages students to develop creativity and innovation in learning, and explore infinite possibilities into students’ Learning style. In other words, the school hopes to cultivate students' ability to continuously learn, develop and create, think highly, and solve problems in the face of the global high-level knowledge economy.

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Unique design exploration education "outdoor learning" program
Received the Education Award from the Welsh Board of Education

Myddelton College is committed to allowing students to participate in physical exercises for life, encouraging students to develop self-confidence by cultivating growth-oriented thinking, and helping them work hard to improve their abilities. In order to achieve this goal, the college designed an innovative “outdoor learning” program based on the famous “exploratory education” theory, using the natural location of North Wales and the charming learning environment close to Snowdonia.

As part of the curriculum, students participate in outdoor activities for a full day of group study every two weeks. The program focuses on personal development in a challenging outdoor environment. Outdoor activities include mountaineering and navigation, adventure skills, rock climbing and cable descent, jungle sports and water sports. Its activity education provides opportunities for students to improve their skills and cross-curricular learning. Educational goals include: exploring themselves and experiencing success and failure; forgetting themselves in the process of pursuing common goals; developing students’ imagination and ability through participation and planning ability. The learning results of this educational program are very helpful for students to grow into self-confidence and face adversity. Therefore, Myddelton College received the Education Award from the Welsh Department of Education.

Sports training
The triathlon school team performed well


In addition to good academic performance, Myddelton College has outstanding sports achievements, and has cultivated many outstanding sports talents. The 37-acre campus has a complete football field, rugby field, 4 tennis courts and a large indoor sports field, as well as a climbing wall and fitness area.

The school attaches great importance to the physical training of students. Among them, the Elite Triathlon Team is particularly outstanding. The school hired a Welsh Triathlon Coach (Level 3 Welsh Triathlon Coach) and other outstanding coaches to train the school team members to provide high-quality training to students from Year 5 to Year 13 Training. Nathanial John Harries, a rookie triathlete of the current British Olympic national team triathlon, is also one of the students of Myddelton College!

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University Destinations

Support is provided by staff who have not only decades of direct experience in guiding students through this process, but have been educated at Oxbridge and the Top UK universities. Our success in this process can be seen from the university destinations of our students. Students are encouraged to start thinking of their futures from an early age, we inspire students to thrive in all areas of their academic life both inside and out of the school.

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Application And Enquiry

The annual tuition fee of Myddelton College is £39,600. There are usually many additional miscellaneous fees in the tuition fee for overseas advancement. However, the annual tuition fee of this school also includes: three semesters a year Half-Term holiday free accommodation, school departure and return airport transfer, all year The tuition fees of EAL for international students can save parents at least £3,000 per year, and the tuition fee is almost 8%. The tuition fee is indeed relatively close to London.

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Myddelton College

Address: Myddelton College, Peakes' Ln, Denbigh LL16 3EN

Phone: +44 (0)1745472201


Myddelton College still has a small number of degrees in each grade, and Hong Kong students are welcome to sign up as soon as possible. If you are interested in classmates or parents, please attach the classmate’s Hong Kong identity documents and transcripts of the past two years, and email to or whatsapp +44(0)7920 000 810.


Please specify in email: Application to Admission & Hong Kong (Code HK2021)

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