Mr. Philip Plumb

Guardian / Career Mentor


Philip is an experienced guardian and mentor to overseas students studying in the United Kingdom and effectively uses his lifetime of knowledge to help and advise them through their education. As he was privately educated from the age of 7, he is aware of the pitfalls that can arise for overseas students who lack an experienced individual to help guide them through their overseas education.

He has over 25 years’ experience as a General and Operations Manager specialising in companywide ‘Performance Improvement’ for companies in the UK, Europe, USA, Middle East and the Far East. During his career, Philip managed the largest GRP pipe manufacturing operation of its type in Abu Dhabi, UAE, where he turned the company from loss to profit in 18 months. He introduced export sales to 5 countries in the first 12 months and facilitated a positive ‘cultural change’ in both shop floor and management employees by empowerment, coaching and mentoring staff and teams.

He has been responsible for large teams in excess of 2,000 indirect reports, overseeing multiple operations, in addition to managing the relocation of manufacturing plants and the construction of new sites. He is an expert at improving the productivity and output of fixed machines, mobile equipment and process lines by modification and retro fitting, resulting in significant cost savings and rationalisation of labour and resources.
Philip has an exceptional track record of transforming under- performing teams and operations in challenging, multi-site environments. He has successfully delivered bespoke change management and performance improvement programmes and takes great pride in achieving outstanding commercial results. This experience in industry enables him to provide students with in-depth guidance on applying for work, teach them professional interview technique, offer insight into what employers are looking for in a candidate, and how to succeed in industry.

UK Guardianship Service

We provide guardianship for students planning to study in the UK aged from 11 to 18, for short and long term and whether boarding or with a host family. Apart from the standard logistical arrangements to cover holiday periods, we are available 24/7 for students and parents in Chinese or English language. As guardians, we act on behalf of parents who are unfamiliar with British culture, educational systems and English language. This will ensure the student receives the best possible support in order to settle in quickly. 


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