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Queen Anne’s, Caversham

Girls aged 11 to 18 

Enrolment for September 2022 is now open to students


Queen Anne's School was established by the Church of England. It began enrolling students in 1894 and has a history of excellent grades, specialising in enrolling 11 to 18-year-old girls, providing boarding and day schools, with around half of the students boarding.


The school currently has about 450 students, most of whom are local students in the UK. Queen Anne's School’s 35-acre campus, located in Caversham, which is only a 6-minute drive from the centre of Reading, a suburb of London in the United Kingdom.


Heathrow Airport in London is around 45 minutes by car, making the location of Queen Anne's very convenient.


“Queen Anne’s moulds you into the person you want to be, no pressure to do something you don’t want to. You have the ability to find your own talent, in your own time and have support in whatever that might be”

- Amy, U6


Excellent college entrance examination results

According to a 2011 report by the private school supervisory agency, the overall performance of Queen Anne’s School students was “excellent”. Because of the school’s academic performance students can continue to university and further their studies.


Some students enter the top 20 universities in the UK. In the past five years (2015 - 2019), the proportion of A*-B in the British college entrance examination (A-levels) has reached 64% to 77%.

In 2020, 78% achieved A* - B, 75% of GCSE achieved 9 - 7, and the pass rate of 9 - 4 reached 100%. In 2020 students went on to study at Oxford and Cambridge universities, as well other well-known British universities, such as; Bristol, Durham, Imperial College, and Leeds.


They went on to study medicine, law, PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) and business departments. In addition, Queen Anne's School also provides students with some special courses, such as Latin, Chinese, and music technology.

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Teaching Innovations

The school has made innovations in teaching policies and arrangements for extracurricular activities. It actively promotes STEM teaching and established a teaching and learning research program "BrainCanDo" to promote the learning of learning skills and ensure that the teaching policy keeps pace with the times!


Queen Anne's School puts particular emphasis on the concept of "BrainCanDo", It aims to train students to become confident, positive and caring girls. The school also has a research centre called BrainCanDo; the University of Reading, along with other universities, hold regular meetings to study the brain development of middle school students. By understanding the operation of the brain, students’ learning can be strengthened in a targeted manner and improve their performance.

School Facilities

Queen Anne's School focuses on the development of students in many aspects, especially in computer knowledge, music, drama, technology, artistic creation, to name a few.


The school also has a choir and symphony orchestra to encourage students to learn different types of musical instruments and provide a stage for students to show their performances.


Queen Anne's offers scholarships are set up to reward outstanding students.


The school also has complete sports facilities and venues. There are 7 laboratories, each designed specifically for physics, biology, chemistry, photography and computer science.


The school’s music department has 20 practice rooms and a dedicated concert hall. Art tableIn terms of performance, Queen Anne's School has a 250-seat performance venue. The school’s sports facilities are outstanding with an indoor swimming pool, 7 handball courts, 14 tennis courts, large track and field courts.

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Entry Requirements

The assessment is based on the students' school scores and conduct, and an entrance examination is also required. Depending on the requirements of the school, students may also have the opportunity to conduct an interview.


Boarding tuition fee per academic year for 2020/21-£38,070

Queen Anne's School

Address 6 Henley Rd, Reading RG4 6DX, UK

Phone +44 118 918 7300


Application And Enquiry

Classes started in September 2022 and are now enrolling students.

If you are interested, please contact Abby Plumb Educational Guardian Service for more details.


Mrs Abby Plumb is a senior Chinese education guardian in the United Kingdom, she offers analysis and suggestions to help families and students prepare for further studies and is one of the most professional education consultation service.


(online consultation time can be reserved through email or telephone)

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