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Richard Brocklehurst 

Senior Mathematic Mentor


Richard is a highly experienced Math’s Teacher, Head of Mathematics Dept, Edexcel A-Level Examiner, international education researcher and writer of Statistic subject exam paper.

Richard graduated from Lancaster University with a BSc in Mathematics and Physics and has dedicated his life to teaching Mathematics with over 20 years of experience. He has a deep understanding of how mathematics is learnt and taught. Over the last 13 years he has led school departments to achieve record results in four different schools.

 In 2007 he worked on a research paper for Shropshire County council looking at international Gifted and Talented Provision with a focus on the Austrian Education system. It was here that he
 developed an interest in international education.

Having always had an active interest in Assessment, he has worked for Edexcel for 15 years as an Examiner, Team Leader and Assistant Principal Examiner on the A level statistics modules. In 2019 Richard was given the responsibility for writing his own A level Statistics papers, a job with comes with great pressures but he thoroughly  enjoys.

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