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Roedean School

Girls aged 11 to 18 


Roedean School consistently impressive academic achievements thorough holistic education  Provide one-year IGCSE and Pre-A Level curriculum for 15-16-year-old international female students to enroll


Roedean School was founded in 1885 and has a history of more than one hundred years. It is a well-known boarding school for girls in the UK. The school is located by the seaside of Brighton, a city ​​in southern England.


Covering an area of ​​118 acres, the environment is beautiful and pleasant, and the geographical position is superior. It is very popular among royal and noble members. In addition to the college entrance examination and curriculum, Roedean School offers one-year IGCSE and Pre-A Level courses drive for international students to enroll, may rise after the completion of the school's entrance reading curriculum, school enrollment 620 people.


2020 A Level Results


Grade A*


Grade A* - A


Grade A* - B


Grade A* - C

Excellent academic performance

Students performed well in public examinations, 2020 -year A Level college entrance examination, 94.1% of the candidates obtained a grade A * to B, 79.2% of students obtained a A*- A grades. As for the British GCSE exam, 89% of students achieved grades 9-7, and 99.8% passed the exam.

Rodean School.png

Excellent Academic Performance

Most of the Roedean School students progressed to well-known universities in the UK, and many graduates were admitted to the University of Oxford or Cambridge, with good grades. In the past five years, 60% of students have been admitted to prestigious universities under the Russell Group (such as: Imperial College London, King's College London, University of Manchester, etc.), and 4% can be admitted to Niu Jian. In 2020 , 76% of students were admitted to Russell Group University, 3 students were admitted to Oxford University, and 4 students were studying medicine.


With the proportion of young women taking STEM subjects, 39% of Roedean School graduates are studying mathematics and science at university, which proves that more women are interested in joining the science field. In addition, the school provides substantial learning opportunities. They can participate in the undergraduate mathematics courses of Sussex University, the national essay competition, the national best chemistry foundation competition and the biology Olympiad.


2020 GCSE Results


Grade 9


Grade 9 - 7


Grade 9 - 5


Grade 9 - 4

Holistic Education Extracurricular Activities Meet The Needs of Students

Roedean School organizes a variety of extracurricular activities for students. The purpose is to hope that students will have the opportunity to try different things, discover their talents and goals, and grow up in a challenging and supportive environment.

The school has a wide variety of sports activities and complete facilities, including multi-purpose sports fields, fitness rooms, indoor swimming pools, 12 pitching courts, 15 tennis courts, hockey courts, cricket courts, track and field courts, golf driving ranges, and squash courts. Roedean School students have more opportunities to participate in horse riding and fancy riding.

In addition, Roedean School offers professional courses for students , such as: art and design, business, literature, humanities, drama and computer science and so on. The school attaches great importance to the cultivation of personal sentiment, value, and personal character, so that students receive education in a rich and creative learning environment. The 12th grade students of the school have to take one hour per week for elective courses for specific subjects, such as medical promotion groups, or they can seize the time to do some challenging things, not restricted by A Level courses, such as learning Russian, Introduction to Portuguese and Psychology.


In terms of student support, Roedean School has set up English tuition classes for international students to help them improve their English. In terms of accommodation, junior high school students share a room at most, while high school students have single rooms. If students encounter difficulties in daily life or study, the house superintendent and staff will provide timely assistance.

Creative Art

Provide a fully equipped photography studio

Covers topics such as fine art, illustration, photography and film , printmaking, ceramics and sculpture

The school also regularly holds seminars with professional artists and practitioners

There are seven teachers in the art department, who specialize in painting, painting and photography with students.



School Orchestra, Choir Association, Concert Band or Church Choir

A small concert is held every week, and there is at least one large concert every semester

The school band also regularly tour overseas in Italy, Belgium, Germany and Spain


Students can participate in the academic stage performances in different forms including: script creation, lighting design, acting, guidance, costume design, etc.


It also has a theater that can accommodate 320 people, and is assisted by professional theater managers and full-time technicians. The theater also has independent dressing rooms, costumes and props rooms


And Roedean Year 7-9 students will also learn about improvisation, Shakespeare, Greek theatre, etc. through a 3-year drama course.

There are also three large-scale theater performances every year

Roedean Drama.png
Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 21.43.57.png
Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 21.44.40.png

Introduction To The British Curriculum

Alongside English language tuition, the subjects on offer within the One-Year GCSE Academic are an effective introduction to the British curriculum, ensuring that you are prepared to transition to the mainstream A Level course in a British school.

In order to enable you to achieve both the highest level of academic success, and to enjoy the all- round, holistic co-curricular enrichment programme, all students on the One-Year GCSE Academic will study 7 examinable subjects as follows:

Pre A Level

Introduction To The British Curriculum

Alongside English language tuition, the subjects on offer within the Pre-A Level Programme are an effective introduction to the British curriculum, ensuring you are prepared to transition to the mainstream A Level course in a British school.


The Pre-A Level Programme includes the study of up to 7 IGCSE subjects. There are 4 core examined IGCSE subjects and a choice of three optional IGCSE subjects, designed to give you the background knowledge to prepare for A Level study, as follows:


2022/23 boarding tuition fees (per year):

Application And Enquiry

Classes started in September 2023 and are now enrolling students.

If you are interested, please contact Abby Plumb Educational Guardian Service for more details.


Mrs Abby Plumb is a senior Chinese education guardian in the United Kingdom, she offers analysis and suggestions to help families and students prepare for further studies and is one of the most professional education consultation service.


(online consultation time can be reserved through email or telephone)

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