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Royal School Haslemere

Famous Royal Boarding School in Surrey, Surrey, South West London, UK

Long history and academic reputation. Classes will start in September 2022, now enrolling students


The Royal School Haslemere was funded by the British Royal Family in 1840 and was founded by two royal girls’ schools-the Royal Naval School and the Grove School.The schools were merged and established in 1995. Since its establishment, the school has been supported by the British Royal Family and maintained a close relationship. The school is now run by the British EliSponsored by Queen Sabah, Princess Anne is also the chairman of the school, and regularly attends various school activities at the school. 


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Royal School Haslemere

The school adopts an advanced and characteristic "diamond" education fan style, that is, boys and girls in grades one and two have classes together, and boys and girls in grades three to eleven are taught in separate classes.For education, boys from grades 12 to 13 (A-Level) attend classes together. ,The school has a pleasant geographical environment, located in Surrey, southwest of London. The environment is beautiful and safe, it is also very convenient to travel to and from London. In addition, the school has complete indoor and outdoor facilities, which not only provide a good teaching environment, but also provide students with various extracurricular activities. The Royal School currently has about 440 students, and boarding students account for 20%.

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2020 GCE A Level Results


A* / A


A* - B

2020 GCSE Results


9 - 7


9 - 4

Academic Development


The school provides GCSE (Grade 4, Form 5) and A-Level courses for Form 6 and 7 (A-Level), and the school’s International Studies Center (ISC) also providesFor the "one-year" examination course. In the GCSE course, students need to study English, English literature, mathematics, religion, philosophy and ethics, and comprehensive subjects Science or biology / chemistry / physics. At the A-Level stage, students can choose three elective subjects based on their personal interests and abilities.

According to a survey conducted by the University of Durham, the value-addedness of Royal School Haslemere is one of the highest 2% schools in the UK, where students’ grades rise by one level or more on average. The students of this school have excellent results in public examinations. All students are accepted by Russell Group universities, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Warwick,London School of Economics and other well-known universities.

Academic Performance


The Royal School Haslemere provides students with GCSE courses and college entrance examination courses (A-levels), in addition to intensive English classes to helpOverseas students lay a solid foundation in English, adapt to full English education and integrate into boarding life in British schools as soon as possible. The teacher-student ratio is 1:8, the teacher can follow up carefully with the homework and academic progress of each student. The Royal School Haslemere's academic performance is good, and the 2020 college entrance examination results will be A*-B75.6% of the students have good grades, 55.5% of the students who get 9-7 in the GCSE exam. 

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Course selection provides multiple A/AS Level and
GCSE subjects for students to choose from

GCSE subjects for grades 10-11:


Core courses: English language, English literature, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, physical education, games, personal social health education


Elective courses: French, Spanish, EAL, business, design technology, food preparation and nutrition, geography, drama, art, history, Latin,Music, sports, textiles, theology (choose 4 subjects)

12-13 grade (A Level) subjects:


English literature, drama studies, mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, German, French, Spanish, economics, psychology, business studies, sports,Art, history, geography, information technology, craft design technology and fashion and textiles. The school provides 20 A Levels for students to choose from.Choose 3 courses to study, and students can also do EPQ to study in-depth topics of interest.

Enrollment Qualities

The Royal School, Haslemere provides a comprehensive education and is committed to encouraging student development through first-class academic teaching and outstanding pastoral careTalents, cultivate their curiosity and love of learning.

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Caring Policy/Boarding Life

Students will be arranged to live in the school’s three dormitories, namely Queen Elizabeth II (QEII), Queen Victoria (QV) and Prince of Wales (Wales). There are single and double rooms, cinemas, lecture halls, kitchenettes and well-equipped lounges in them, providing students with aA safe and comfortable boarding life.

Extracurricular Activities
And Personal Development


The school pays attention to the extracurricular development of students, so there are different activities for students to participate in. What’s more special is that the school has an astronomical society that matches the school’sThe Observatory is for students to develop their interest in astronomy and other areas. Other societies, such as choirs, choirs, music ensembles, drama, art, textiles, science, Duke of Edinburgh’s Plan, etc. are very popular among students.

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St Edmund's School Application Enquiry


Classes started in September 2022 and are now enrolling students. If you are interested, please directly contact Abby Plumb Educational Guardian Service in the UK for details. Mrs Abby Plumb, a senior Chinese education guardian in the United Kingdom, will provide analysis and suggestions to help parents and students prepare for further studies. The most professional education consultation service (online consultation time can be reserved by email or phone)

2020/21 Boarding Tuition (Annually):

Year 8 – Year 13: £40,590

2020/21 day school tuition (per year):

Year 8 - Year 13: £18,507


The Royal School Haslemere

Address: Farnham Lane, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 1HQ United Kingdom


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