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Entrance Exams and Academic Preparation
School Interview Coaching and Preparation and Choice of School Student 
Assessment Reviews for entry to UK Independent Boarding Schools


Applications to UK boarding schools have significantly increased in recent times and the demand for places higher than ever for September 2021 entry. This is resulting in the highly competitive nature of the admissions process as more and more students seek places. Excellent academic grades alone are no longer enough to receive an offer from a prestigious school, and the student interview has become an increasingly important part of the UK boarding school application process. 

We offer a range of online services to fully prepare overseas students to achieve success and gain places at top UK Independent schools. Crucially, our courses are planned and delivered by experienced and professional experts currently working in UK School Admissions Departments. 



Our Strategy


Assessing student's goal and ability 


Designing a strategic and personalised study plan for the student


Montoring student's study progress and giving them advice

Academic Preparation

Academic Preparation including Sixth Form General Paper, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English Tuition:

• Polymath tutoring for students seeking the highest scholarships at a range of prestigious schools

• Preparation for entrance tests/ exams; comprehension (written and oral), developing vocabulary and building good sentence structure. Advanced extension also available

• Grammar lessons with home study exercises and online resources

• Conversational lessons to improve fluidity, pronunciation and knowledge of everyday English

• Mock Entrance Exams and Marking – English, Maths, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Sixth Form General Paper

• Advanced English Extension and Challenge

• Sixth Form General Paper Coaching: Scientific Reasoning, Critical Thinking, De-coding, Persuasive and Analytical Writing Skills

School Interview Coaching and Preparation

The purpose of the school interview is to assess a candidate’s credibility together with their interests, natural curiosity and importantly, the ability to engage across a wide range of topics. It represents an important part of the School’s decision whether to offer a place. The interviewer wants to understand what fundamentally drives and motivates the candidate, which attributes they can contribute to the wider school community, and what potential there is for development and growth as a pathway to university and beyond. A successful interview should become a conversation rather than a series of questions and answers. It should leave a lasting and unique impression on the interviewer so that there is no doubt in their mind that the candidate should become part of the school at the earliest opportunity! 

This course covers an initial assessment to ascertain English levels and individual needs of the student which will drive the detail of a bespoke and tailored programme, including the number of sessions needed. The course will include: 

• Levels of English 
• Levels of Engagement (eg, curiosity, thoughtfulness, sense of humour, enthusiasm) and Academic knowledge 
• Aspirations and goals for the future 
• Levels of determination to succeed both intellectually and in wider school life
• Cultural understanding 
• Current and Global Affairs 
• Presentation and Manners, Mental toughness and well-being 
• Interview technique, tips and advice 
• Suggested Reading and Online Resources 
• UK Education and Advice including the curriculum and co-curricular programme 
• The transition to the UK 
• How to not only survive but flourish as an international boarder in a UK Boarding School. 


Choice of School Student Assessment Reviews


An independent, insightful and in-depth bespoke consultation with the student to ascertain which school is right for them or whether the school choice made initially is still right for their developing academic aspirations, co-curricular skills and talents and pastoral care/well-being. We are uniquely positioned to carry out this review directly with the student and will provide clear advice, guidance and future school recommendation to parents based on experience and knowledge of the independent school sector and a clear understanding of student and family needs and ambitions.

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