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Students with Special Education Needs (SEN) 
Overseas Education Care Plan


UK Guardianship Service has much experience of taking care of students with special education needs (SEN) studying in the UK.  We respect different talents in each individual student, we as authorised school guardian care for the students’ holistic well being as well their studies. A majority of students under our personal care, achieve successful learning outcome and grow into independent adulthood to enter university. We are very proud of contributing to these students’ success. We carefully plan every step to ensure the each student is will find the most suitable school and settle down well to start their learning journey.


Stage One - Preparation

Overseas Study consulting, Boarding School & University  Talent and School matching, application advisory, milestone planning, Pre-admission entrance test academic coaching.

Educational Psychologist Assessment of Special Education Needs and Report preparation before School Application, Communication to prospective school and SENCO

Stage Two - Pre-Departure

Post-admission academic coaching, e.g. English language.

Coaching in Self and social management, study technique and executive functions.

Stage Three - Starting School Life

On the Ground support with a specially arranged guardian. Constant communication with parents of student's progress.


Ongoing Learning and Welling Monitoring of Progress with school , Negotiation of school support, Individual Education Plan (IEP) and exam arrangement.


We provide a full comprehensive service to SEN student to ensure that their learning life in the UK is fully supported. Our SEN Student Care Plan service package is composed of the following items:

Maintain close contact with parents & 
24-hour emergency telephone contact service

Explore appropriate learning methods with students to improve learning efficiency 

Arrange teaching assistant to follow up and assist students in learning **

Provide social and communication skills training to allow students to adapt to group  social life

 Provide self-care ability training to allow students to learn to be independent

Formulate education plans based on student’s abilities, interests and goals

Emotional control and disciplinary training, hope students reduce disruptive behaviour

Establish a cooperative relationship with the school to follow up the students ’learning situation and progress

Regular visits to schools / dormitory to visit students

** According to the needs of students, additional charges are required)

*Additional fees may apply

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