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St Edmund's School

Co-educational for ages 11 – 18 years old.

Private Co-ed Boarding School and Day School in Surrey

Famous boarding school in Kent, Kent, South East England
Long history, high academic reputation, excellent academic music and sports performance. Classes start in September 2022 Now enrolling students


Edmund St School Canterbury School was established in 1751, it is a located in the United Kingdom southeast county of Kent, Canterbury city for boys and girls boarding school, academic atmosphere, and close to the University of Kent. The geographical environment is superior, about 1 hour 12 minutes drive from London Gatwick Airport / 1 hour 30 minutes drive from Heathrow Airport. The school students include day school and boarding students, offering courses from early childhood to Sixth Form (3-18 years old). St Edmund's School currently has about 550 students, and boarding students account for 25%.


St Edmund's School

The school mainly believes in Christianity and also arranges for students to worship. The school's mission is to provide students with the most comprehensive learning opportunities, develop their expertise, and provide them with a high level of care. The school has a very broad of rural scenery village , wide school campus has excellent facilities, including a variety of sports facilities, theaters, Academy of Music , and Science and so on . The school has excellent grades, music and sports scores are very outstanding, but also provides a variety of extracurricular activities, including CCF , British Young Scientists Association, young entrepreneurs and local community services.


2020 GCE A Level Results




A* / A
A* - B
A* - E

2020 A Level EPQ


A* / A

2020 GCSE Results



A* / A
A* - B


A* - C

Academic performance


St Edmund's School provides students with GCSE courses and college entrance examination courses ( A-levels ) . In addition, there is an intensive English class to help overseas students lay a good foundation in English, adapt to English education and integrate into the boarding life of British schools as soon as possible.


The teacher-student ratio is 1:8 , and the teacher can carefully follow up each student's homework and academic progress. St. Edmund's School Canterbury's academic performance is good, 20 20 college entrance exam scores obtained A * - B students have 76%, an encouraging result, GCSE will test to obtain A * / A student has 45%.


The school, especially for the students to pay attention to the development of musical talent, not only provides courses for students to choose the musical instruments, and more students from organizing regular music will get hands-on experience.

Course selection provides multiple A/AS Level
and GCSE subjects for students to choose from:

 GCSE subjects for grades 10-11


The core courses Cheng: English language, English literature, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, sports , games, personal social health education


Elective courses: French, Spanish, EAL , business, design technology, food preparation and nutrition, geography, drama, art, history, Latin, music, sports, textiles, theology (choose 4 courses )

Subjects for Grades 12-13 ( A Level ):


English literature, drama studies, mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, German, French, Spanish, economics, psychology, business studies, sports, art, history, geography, information technology, process design technology and fashion and textiles. The school offers 20 Men A Level for students to choose, students can choose 3 doors, students also can do EPQ -depth research interest.


Edmund St.'s School Canterbury Purpose of
Teaching & Pastoral Counseling


schools to small class teaching, designed to encourage students to achieve what they can achieve success, and proud of himself and to leave school when they graduate ready to face the future society Preparation. Schools uphold Christian principles, create a caring campus community but also discipline offers a wide range of education for our students, to ensure that here every two students are both happy and successful. In addition, the school also emphasizes the cultivation of compassion and decent interpersonal relationships among students.

Edmund St. ' S School Canterbury excellent Pastoral Care ( Pastoral Counseling ) to students , pastoral pastoral team, including deputy director, Pastor, director of the boarding, warden, deputy warden, teachers, resident boarding personnel, health director , The head nurse, medical center staff and consultants. Team members work closely with students and parents to provide suitable recommendations.

The school strongly encourages students to balance their academic and personal development, and various scholarships are set up to encourage students to actively participate in extracurricular activities while studying hard. The school puts a special emphasis on music, and many students are members of national orchestras or choirs. The school provides more than 500 hours per week , rich in experience Musical instrument course taught by our teacher. Each year the school will also organize a concert or recital.

Boarding and facilities

The facilities of St Edmund's School are very advanced and complete. The newly built art performance center, sports building and science building can provide students with world-class teaching space. In terms of accommodation, the school only accepts boarding students over eight years old, and dormitories are allocated according to the age and gender of the students.


All rooms are equipped with high-speed Internet, some students have independent bedrooms with learning functions, other students share bedrooms, and some dormitories have a complete set of equipment. The school will be based on the student's age and gender of their accommodation category management, school housemaster, tutors and school nurses, respectively, each trainee regulatory behavior and study habits .


Sports and Activities

Sports: Compulsory courses: Students can choose football, hockey, cricket, tennis, track and field, swimming, cross-country sports, badminton, basketball, blue tennis, baseball, squash, volleyball, aerobics, dance, fitness, gymnastics. Elective courses: golf, judo, fencing, table tennis, equestrianism, skiing, boating. Both GCSE and A-Level students can learn, and the school also provides BAGA and CFS sports learning.


The school requires 14 -year-old students to participate in the CCF for one year, and the school also has community services. There are more than 50 clubs for students to choose to participate in, including photography, film, natural history, chess, science, debate, literature, geography, dance, etc.

Music and Art

Edmund St.'s Canterbury School enjoyed a high reputation in the arts, since 2017 has been to hold the annual St. Edmund's Festival of Arts public holidays proud. The purpose of the festival is to celebrate the outstanding talents of young people and invite world-class artists to participate.


Music education

More than 75% of students learn a musical instrument, and students can take the musical instrument level exam. There are more than 16 music clubs for students to choose to participate in: choir, performance club, jazz, etc.

Drama and Dance Education 

The school produces a large number of classical and modern dramas every year, as well as other drama projects, including acting courses ( with LAMDA exam ) , workshops, school trips ( London ) , drama lessons and dance lessons. GCSE students can learn drama, A-level students can learn drama, most students participate in drama performances in schools and dormitories.


Art and Design Education

The school offers courses in ceramics, costumes, photography and fine arts.

St Edmund's School Application Enquiry


Classes started in September 2022 and are now enrolling students. If you are interested, please directly contact Abby Plumb Educational Guardian Service in the UK for details. Mrs Abby Plumb, a senior Chinese education guardian in the United Kingdom, will provide analysis and suggestions to help parents and students prepare for further studies. The most professional education consultation service (online consultation time can be reserved by email or phone)

2020/21 Boarding Tuition (Annually):

Year 7 – Year 8: £28,632

Year 9 - Year 13: £37,599 


2020/21 day school tuition (per year):

Year 7 - Year 8: £16,503

Year 9 - Year 13: £21,660                                                

St Edmund's School

Address: St Thomas' Hill, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 8HU , United Kingdom 


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