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St Mary’s School, Cambridge

Girls aged 4 to 18 


St Mary's School, Cambridge is a Catholic girls' school founded in 1898. It is located in the university city of Cambridge in the east of England.


The school is located in the centre of Cambridge, next to the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens and is only a short walk away from Cambridge station. There are approximately 670 students across their three schools; Junior School, Senior School and Sixth Form Centre.  

About 20% of the school’s students are international students from 20 countries around the world. The teacher-student ratio is 1:8. About 50% of the school's teachers are educated by Oxford University, which shows that the teachers are very good. According to the British government inspection report, the school has been rated as "Excellent", including the boarding element.


"We are delighted with the school. Our daughter is very well cared for and the staff teach excellently. She is achieving excellent academic results and blossoming in a loving community."

- Parent survey 2019


GCSE Results

As a well-known and among the best boarding school in the UK, St Mary's School, Cambridge performed very well in their 2020 GCSE results:


- 95% of students achieved A * -B or more grades

(grade 9-6 score equal to the old system)

- 90% of students achieved A * / A or above in

(equal to the old system 9-7 grade results) 

- 67% of students received the highest A * more success

(equal to the old system 9-8 grade results)    

StM Results 2.png

GCSE and IGCSE Courses

St Mary's School, Cambridge has set up a variety of GCSE and IGCSE courses, so that students can choose the right courses, paving the way for future study and employment.


Core courses include: British Literature, English, Mathematics and Religious Studies. If the native language of international students is not English, you can choose English as an additional language option (EAL).


Students can choose another 6 courses, including 2-3 science courses. Science courses include: biology, chemistry, and physics. Other elective subjects include: Art and Design, Ancient Civilization, Computer, Drama, English Support (ELS), French, Food and Nutrition, Geography, German, History, Latin, Learning Support, Chinese, Music, Spanish, Design Technology.


Students can also choose to take additional courses: including additional mathematics, classical Greek, and Latin)    

A-Level Results

St Mary's School, Cambridge A-level students have excellent results.

In 2020 A-level:  

- 96% of students achieved A * - C grades or above    


- 91% of students achieved grades A * - B or more          


- 67% of students made up more A * / A grades    

In 2019 A-level:  

- 91% of students achieved A * - C grades or above


- 73% of students achieved grades A * - B or more


- 51% of students achieved the highest A * / A grades


- 14% more achieved A * success    

The school provides a variety of courses for students to choose from in 2021 - 2013. include:  Art category: fine arts, photography, material design, drama research, music


STEM categories: biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, advanced mathematics, computer technology, sports


Languages: Classical Greek, French, Spanish, Latin, Chinese, German


Humanities and Social Sciences: Business, Classical Civilization, Economics, English Literature, Geography, History, Psychology, Religious Studies.

St Marys 1.png

Extracurricular Activities

The school provides time for extracurricular activities during lunch and after school so that students can develop diversified skills.


These include: The Duke of Edinburgh Award Program, German, French, Spanish, Religious Studies, Film Club, Rowing, Athletics, Basketball, Pilates, Tennis, Dance Club, Hockey, Yoga, Creative Writing Club, Model United Nations, History, Allegro , Orchestra, Japanese, Photography, and Youth STEM Award.

International Student Ratio

The school has a total of 630 students, with the Junior School accounting for 26%, Senior School accounting for 57%, and Sixth Form accounting for 17%.

Among them, about 20% of international students come from more than 20 countries.

The school currently has 18 Hong Kong students and 14 boarders.

There are also 46 mainland students and 39 boarding students.

Boarding Life

The school currently has 90 boarding students; there are three 6-bed dormitories and one 4-bed dormitory for younger Year 5 - 8 students. As for older Year 10 - 13 students, the school provides a total of 23 twin dormitories.


The school will also open single dorms from time to time according to the number of applicants for dormitories for Year 12 - 13. The school will also organize regular visits, including visits to Harry Potter Studio, Christmas Market, and city guided tours!

St Marys Boarding.jpeg
Oxford University.jpeg

Close Relationship with Oxford University

The school has close cooperation with Oxford University. In 2016, they co-organized the City of Cambridge Rowing Club with Oxford University Homerton College. In addition, the school also cooperated with Oxford University to establish new sports facilities.


The school will also regularly invite scholars from Oxford University to give lectures, or organize students to visit Oxford University museums and exhibitions, so that students can absorb more knowledge!

Sixth Form Student - Work Experience

All Sixth Form Students need to participate in at least one work experience in order to broaden their horizons and enhance their own experience.


St Marys School is in cooperation with a number of enterprises and companies, including: Mott Macdona , Babraham Institute, Purcell Archit ECTS, in the Microsoft Research, to name a few. There are many which focus on STEM-related experience, including the University of Cambridge and Angeliya Ruskin research experience.

Onto University

Once completing their A-level courses students often enrol in the famous British universities including: University of Bath, University of Bristol, Durham University, The University of Edinburgh, King's College London, University of Liverpool, The University of Manchester and The University of Nottingham to name a few.

Special Educational Needs (SEN) Student Support

If the student has passed the St. Marys School Cambridge entrance exams, in line with the school 's admission requirements, and are diagnosed with special educational needs ( SEN), such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD or autism, the school will provide the following when you need support :


The school uses learning support courses to replace the needs of students to learn modern foreign languages ​​(such as French, Spanish and German, etc.). Grade 7 students 5 savings assistance programs, and in the 8th grade and 9th grade section 3, there are support programs, grade 10 and grade 11 learning support places some non-major courses instead of GCSE.


Under normal circumstances, students with learning disabilities will complete the learning materials in the mainstream curriculum with support . They usually need more time than most of their peers to complete homework or help with exercises and exams.


Pre-school, school learning support departments will (Learning and Support) Huiyin Ying SEN students psychological assessment, in the past school reports, the degree of learning disabilities, tailor develop individual and group extra classes for students to do assessments on a regular basis, make the appropriate tune, so Students integrate into the new environment to learn as soon as possible.


As each SEN student's situation and the level of support required are different, the UK schools that can apply for and enroll in cannot be generalised. If you need assistance, you can contact the education guardian Mrs Abby Plumb for inquiries.

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