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UK University and Study Guidance Plan

Choosing subjects in universities is recognized as one of the most daunting experiences for high school students, typical questions asked will be as follows:
• I have no idea about the British teaching system. Will I choose the wrong subjects?
• What subjects can I apply for in the UK for my Hong Kong HKDSE scores? What about the test score conversion system?
• How can I choose a subject that matched my abilities and interests?
• What if I go to university in the UK? Is there a chance to find an internship opportunity?
• I want to transfer courses halfway, how can I apply?
• I hope to apply for a scholarship, how should I prepare for it?




Our experienced academic tutors will definitely help you reach your goals


UK University and Study Guidance Program plays an important role in following up on students' learning progress and academic achievements. In the academic guidance process, it not only supports students in setting academic, career, and life goals, but also helps students formulate plans to reach their goals and evaluate their progress at different stages.
Our academic advisors will assist students to determine their academic and career goals, formulate a study plan, and ensure that their learning journey is supported.

UK University and Study Guidance Program

Guardian Service Plan Comparision

The scope of this service for academic guidance includes:

Assist students in drawing up their own learning roadmap to meet personal growth and professional requirements and options.
E.g. assisting DSE students from Hong Kong to choose subjects in British universities according to their interests and scores.

Help students clarify and achieve their academic goals through tutors and formulate specific study plans.
E.g. help students choose their second year university study options.

Provide information to UK university students to enable them to make good use of learning opportunities within a flexible curriculum framework.
E.g., guide them to study effectively and to handle assignment, how to get the highest score, and dealing with special situations, such as sickness or late hand in of assignment and help arrange internships.

Reinforce students to make informed decisions when formulating a study plan that suits their potential, career, and life goals, and to learn more with greater commitment.
E.g. how to apply for a scholarship and how to write a persuasive application? How to get a First-class Honour? How to apply for a master's program?

Admission guidance for new students, providing life survival information and support for student new to British university.

E.g. admission guidance and help them organize, university accommodation, bank accounts, mobile phone cards, doctors, dentists, and especially documents before entering the university.

British universities recommend students under the age of 18 studying Foundation Course must appoint a legal guardian in the UK, especially as an emergency contact person during the recent COVID-19 epidemic.

Extensive and Professional Services

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