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UK Study Advancement & University Admission Consultation Service

Getting into the prestige universities in the UK is the goal of many students. Our team of professional UK university admission consultants to offer students an all-rounded service plan to increase their chance of being admitted to the Russell Group Universities.


Our university admission consultancy consists of graduates and professors from the best universities, and is led by our admissions director, Mr Crowther, who after achieving a 1st class BA completed a master’s degree MSc at University of Oxford, and is currently researching for a PhD at University of Cambridge. He has worked with more than forty students applying to G5 universities in the last five years, from many schools including leading independent schools in Britain and around the world. He specialises in assisting high-quality students with their applications to secure interviews and preparing them to succeed.



Our Strategy


Assessing student's goal and ability 


Designing a strategic and personalised study plan for the student


Montoring student's study progress and giving them advice

Our university admission consultant team will initially meet with the students to understand and assess their goals and ability. An individualised strategic study plan will be designed afterwards according to the result of the assessment. The students will be offered advice on taking subject-specific intensive classes and industry placement etc. The consultant team will keep an eye on student’s study progress and support them regularly in order to enhance their chance of getting into Russell Group’s Universities.

Personalised Study and Admission Advice



Extensive and Professional Services

The Oxbridge Admission Consultant Team offers students a comprehensive service to ensure that their application to G5 Universities is fully supported. The service package is composed of the following items:

Advice on programme and college choices

A detailed study report per term

Intensive courses & training on entrance and aptitude tests *

UCAS application support

Interview Preparation Course for G5 application

Weekly communication on study progress

Video-call every other week to work on critical thinking

Guidance on writing a personal statement

Visits to Universities and Open Days with students *

Suggestions on Industry Placement

*Additional fees may apply

In order to broaden students’ horizons and develop their thinking, the following will be included in the regular video meetings:

Discussion on world affairs

Recommendation on academic readings

British history and culture sharing

Training on logical thinking skills



Timeline of the UK Study Advancement & University Admission Consultation Service

Year 12

September to December
Autumn Term

  • Assessing student’s ability

  • Providing advice on student’s subject and college choices

  • Designing the individualised study plan

  • Visiting universities and open days with students

January to March
Spring Term

April to June
Summer Term

  • Monitoring student’s study progress and writing an academic report

  • Fine tuning the study plan and progress

  • Arranging intensive classes according to their needs

  • Offering suggestions on industry placement

July to Aug
Summer Holiday

  • Assisting student in personal statement writing

  • Arranging trainings on entrance and aptitude tests

  • Enriching student’s knowledge of British culture and news

  • Training student’s logical thinking skills


Year 13

September to December
Autumn Term

  • Confirming student’s choice on programme and college

  • Following up with UCAS applications

  • Offering mock interviews for UK universities

  • Enhancing student’s awareness of the British culture

  • Boosting student’s logical thinking skills

January to March
Spring Term

April to June
Summer Term

  • Focusing on preparation for A Level examinations

  • Monitoring student’s study progress and writing an academic report

  • Arranging intensive classes according to their needs

July to Aug
Summer Holiday

  • Following up with UCAS applications

  • Advice on finalising and confirming the UCAS choice

  • Preparing for University life



Student Education Success Cases 


Came at age 16 from Mainland China

Challenge: with a different education system

Achievement: Kings College London for Business management degree. 


Came at age 15 

Challenge: Low academic standard.

Achievement:  BTech Pathway and UK Foundation. Degree to graduate with a Law degree at Wolverhampton University.


Came at age 15 
Challenge: Different education culture
Achievement: Oxford Brooks University / Bio Research, Master at University College London / Cancer research and now working for UCL hospital. 


Came at age 14.  
Challenge: Low academic standard. 
Achievement: Graphic Design Degree at Loughborough University (ranking 8)


Came at age 16
Challenge: (SEN) student. Social skill, life skill and independent skill. 
Achievement: 2 years at host family and moved to boarding full time. Her GCSE 6 A 2 B,  A level predicted A* A A. Received offer from Birmingham, Sheffield and Bath University / Mechanical Engineering. 


Came at age 15 age. 
Challenge: low academic standard. 
Achievement: achieved grades needed for Royal Holloway University / Business.


Came at age 16 from mainland China.

Challenge: Different education culture and system
      Achievement: Actuarial science at Warwick University.  Now working for Top 10 accountant firm in UK. 


Came at age 14 
Challenge: Low academic standard and life skills.     
Achievement: GCSE 7 passes but the grades are not enough to progress via A level pathway. His dream was to be a Marine Biologist. With that would need Biology and Geography to be at least B. At the end he was study BTEC science diploma an alternative A level for university. He is now working in the Royal Air Force of UK Government. 


Came at age 14 
Challenge: switching from Chinese teaching school to UK school. 
Achievement: University of South West for child development and Master at UCL for PGCE training to be a teacher.


Came at age 16
Challenge: low academic standard. 
Achievement: Nottingham University – Degree in Nutrition. 


Came at age 17

Challenge: Hard working student. Neglect from her previous host family / guardian. She was left at host family alone by herself for days. 
Achievement: Pharmaceutical 4 years Master program with University College London UCL.


Came at age 18 from China mainland

Challenge: Low at academic standard but with good discipline. 
Achievement: Chinese B and Photography C and IELTS 5.5. He got into Nottingham Trent University foundation course. Progressed to University year one the following year. 

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