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Wrekin College
British traditional prestigious school


Located in Wellington, Shropshire, Shropshire, Midwest England, Wrekin College is a low-key traditional school. The school was established in 1880 with a Christian background. It is a high-quality private boarding school for men and women. It covers an area of 100 acres and is surrounded by beautiful surroundings. It is known as the "Garden School". When the school was founded, it was a boys' school. Since 1976, girls have been admitted. The total number of students in the school is about 560. Currently, there are only 30 Chinese or Hong Kong students in the school. This advantage provides a good language environment for learning English. The school is about an hour's drive from Birmingham and Manchester.

The school has a high level of knowledge and a strong academic atmosphere, which stems from the school’s history and academic tradition. From the end of the 18th century to the beginning of the 19th century, it was the peak period for the development of Christian missions in the Anglican Church. At that time, the missionaries were all intellectuals. Therefore, Wrekin College has a strong academic atmosphere. Many students have successfully entered the University of Oxford and Cambridge under the influence of this influence. There is no shortage of celebrities among the school’s former students, including the former Mayor of London, Member of Parliament, former Lord Justice of Appeal of the United Kingdom, former Chief of Police of the United Kingdom and the former Royal Secretary of Defense of the United Kingdom and so on.

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2020 A Level Results


Grade A* - A


Grade A* - C


Pass Rate

Excellent results in public examinations

In the 2020 college entrance examination A-Level, 30% of students get A*-A scores, and more than 88% of students get A*-C scores. Wrekin College has professional counsellors who have a clear understanding of the university and UCAS application strategies to help students choose suitable university courses and help students successfully enter the university.


Wrekin College students have excellent public examination results. Almost all graduates continue to receive higher education every year. Most students progress to the top 30 universities in the UK, including Cambridge, Durham, UCL, Edinburgh and Newcastle.


The academic ability of the school is profound, for many years
To train many high-achieving students and champions to go to the University of Oxford and Cambridge and successfully enter the medical school.

Andy Liu 英國高考七科A的成績,成功入讀劍橋數學系

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Joe Lee 取得獎學金入讀劍橋大學歷史系

Holly Townson成功考入醫學院並同時是英國國家泳隊隊員

Comprehensive Student Support

In terms of boarding, Wrekin College has five dormitories, with single and double rooms. The housekeeper is responsible for taking care of the students' living needs and keeping in touch with their parents. After class and weekends, they will arrange extracurricular activities for students to enrich the lives of students. There are registered nurses in the dormitory who stay on campus for 24 hours to facilitate the health of students.

Wrekin College implements small class teaching, with no more than 20 students per class for junior high school students; 8-15 students per class for high school students. Wrekin College has a wide variety of subjects in the college entrance examination. The rarer subjects include drama study, music and psychology, which can meet the different learning interests of students. The school pays great attention to the learning progress of students. Starting from the junior high school, each student has been assigned a tutor to monitor and assist students in their schoolwork. During the preparatory period, the tutor will also provide students with advice on further studies and employment, help students choose suitable university courses and practice university interviews. The school will also regularly arrange lectures and forums to enable students to contact professionals in different fields and broaden students' horizons.

It is worth mentioning that the school’s Christian Sunday worship tradition. The school values ​​the whole-person development of students. There are still pastors in the school, shepherding students and worshiping and preaching every Sunday to take care of the spiritual needs of students.


2020 GCSE Results


Grade 8 - 9

2020 GCSE Results


Grade 8 - 9

2020 GCSE Results


Grade 8 - 9


Grade 9 - 7


Grade 9 - 4

Sports & Gymnastics Academy

The mission of the school is to ensure that every student can give full play to his strengths and achieve the best results. In addition to paying attention to academic performance, it also places great emphasis on moral cultivation and encourages students to participate in charitable activities. Therefore, in addition to traditional academic, music, and art scholarships, there are also service scholarships. The school often arranges students to watch stage plays and concerts in Birmingham, Manchester and other places. On weekends, boarders can go out for activities and visit classmates.

Wrekin College has complete teaching and activity facilities, covering an area of 100 acres, and has many sports facilities, such as large sports fields, swimming pools, gymnastics colleges and so on. There are currently more than 400 students in the school. It focuses on the development of students' art and sports. It is one of the first choices of many students who love sports and art activities. Gymnastics is the strongest part of the school, and a special gymnastics academy is set up to allow students to develop both gymnastics and academic studies.

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Christian Foundation grants for Hong Kong students



Wrekin College now offers Bursary for children of Hong Kong students or BNO persons, and boarding fees are waived by £5,000 per year. The tuition and boarding fees for overseas students total about £34,440 a year. If the boarding fee of £4,440 is exempted by the Christian Educational Grant, the tuition and boarding fee for one year is about £30,000, saving nearly 50,000 Hong Kong dollars a year.

The children of BNO persons temporarily apply for admission as overseas students, reducing the financial burden of parents when they first arrive in the UK, and at the same time, allowing their children to learn during the transition period to the UK. Private schools have always had experience in taking care of foreign students when they first arrive in the UK. Compared with public schools, they have richer teaching resources. This can help their children to adapt to the early stage of immigration, especially to learn English and Western learning culture well, so as to avoid being left out in public schools. After the fall.

This school is located in the Midwest of England. The quality of the school is good, and it is far away from London. There are several advantages. First, it can concentrate on studying. Second, the living consumption level is low. Third, if the school is a small and medium-sized school, the resources are focused on small class teaching. , Which is more beneficial to students' learning.

Wrekin College still has a small number of degrees in each grade, and Hong Kong students and children of BNO people are welcome to apply for admission as soon as possible. After the students have successfully applied for admission after the examination, they will receive a Christian scholarship (a boarding fee reduction of £5,000). If students continue to have good grades after admission and successfully pass the assessment every year, they will continue to receive bursaries for a maximum of three academic years.

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