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2018 Arctic Expedition

Trip Date 15th to 21st December

Photography / Geography / humanities / Adventure / Culture / Cooking / Geology / Santa / Arctic Circle


Learn to take the best possible photos of Finland's Northern Lights on this evening tour from Rovaniemi. With a photographer guide, go in search of the Aurora Borealis, perched atop a small mountain with a clear view of this natural phenomenon. Arctic-appropriate winter adventure gear, snacks, and warm beverages provided. Take photos of the Aurora Borealis Visit a small mountain with a great view of the night sky Learn how to take the best possible photos Learn about the phenomenon from your guide.


Snowmobiling in the wilderness and playing with the snow is already an experience itself, but this safari also takes students to meet reindeer and husky dogs to hear information about these beautiful animals at both farms and enjoy a short ride with them. The energy and joy of the husky dogs, who are born to run, is difficult to describe.


At Santa Claus Village the students will be able to experience the Christmas atmosphere, cross the Arctic Circle, meet Santa Claus, visit the Post office and do gift shopping.


Enjoy the Lapland local lifestyle, food, nature and the experience of it all. We believe that the Lapland nature has heavily influenced the local Rovaniemi cuisine thus making it unique and unforgettable. We engaged a local working chef, who specializes in authentic flavours and the traditions of creating culinary masterpieces. Her passion for cooking and enjoying food of quality and finesse makes her the perfect food tour companion. She loves sharing everything she knows about the local culture and lifestyle.


The Pyhae Luosto National Park and its forests, valleys, and rivers lies north of Rovaniemi. With a guided hike through the reserve—lush in summer and snowy in winter—without having to arrange transport, and with a guide to share background you’d miss independently. Plus, visit the park’s hillside amethyst mine to learn about and dig for one of the gemstones.

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