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UK Oxbridge & G5 Universities

Strategic Admission Consultation Service


Getting into the most prestige universities in the UK – Oxford and Cambridge (Oxbridge) is the goal of many students. We collaborate with our team of professional Oxbridge admission consultants to offer students an all-rounded service plan to increase their chance of being admitted to G5 Universities.


Our Oxbridge admission consultancy consists of graduates and professors from the best universities, and is led by our admissions director, Mr Richard Crowther, who after achieving a 1st class BA completed a master’s degree MSc at University of Oxford, and is currently researching for a PhD at University of Cambridge. He has worked with more than forty students applying to G5 universities in the last five years, from many schools including leading independent schools in Britain and around the world. He specialises in assisting high-quality students with their applications to secure interviews and preparing them to succeed.



Our Strategy


Assessing student's goal and ability 


Designing a strategic and personalised study plan for the student


Montoring student's study progress and giving them advice

Our Oxbridge admission consultant team will initially meet with the students to understand and assess their goals and ability. An individualised strategic study plan will be designed afterwards according to the result of the assessment. The students will be offered advice on taking subject-specific intensive classes and industry placement etc. The consultant team will keep an eye on student’s study progress and support them regularly in order to enhance their chance of getting into Oxbridge Universities.

Personalised Study and Admission Advice

Common Entrance and Aptitude Tests

for G5 Universities Admission



BioMedical Admissions Test

The Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT) is a test used by a collection of UK medical or related schools as a vital part of their screening process. If you are applying for the medical or biomedical courses at top universities like Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial College etc., you may be required to take the BMAT in September or October of that application cycle.

There are two BMAT test dates a year and they are usually in late August or early September, and late October. Results are released within a month and universities will decide whether they will send you a conditional offer or interview offer based on your BMAT results, academic portfolio, school references, and personal statement. The test takes 120 minutes and consists of three major parts:

• Aptitude test with critical thinking and problem-solving questions
• Knowledge test in biology, chemistry and physics
• Essay writing



Thinking Skills Assessment

The Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) is a test used by specific Oxbridge programs to assess if a candidate has the qualities needed to excel in their courses.


For Oxbridge, the TSA is hosted only once in that year’s application cycle, usually in late October or early November. For UCL, students do not need to register, they will be advised to take the test on an assessment day by the university, usually between December to March. Different from Oxbridge, the TSA results are not released to candidates and will be passed to UCL directly.



University Clinical Aptitude Test

The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is an aptitude test used by a consortium of UK medical and dental schools as an integral part of their selection process. This consortium includes top universities like King’s College London, the University of Warwick and the University of St. Andrew’s.

Candidates can take UCAT ONLY ONCE in the admission cycle. There are several test dates available, spanning from July to October. The test takes 120 minutes and consists of five parts: Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Situational Judgement. The first four parts are scored in points, while the last part is graded in bands, from Band 1 (excellent level of performance) to Band 4.

Different universities use a candidate’s UCAT result differently. Where some use it as pre-screening criteria, some use it as benchmark for boarder line cases, and some only focus on the candidate’s performance on Situational Judgement. For example, Cardiff University only compare a candidate’s UCAT with another candidate’s when the two have similar merits in academic results, school references and personal statements. In this case, UCAT scores decide which one of the two candidates will interview with the University.



Law National Admission Test

The Law National Admission Test (LNAT) is a test used by law departments in a range of UK universities to determine if a candidate is able to succeed in a rigorous law course. Universities that require candidates to take the LNAT include top institutions such as Oxford, Durham, and King’s College London.
The LNAT can be taken starting from September of that year’s application cycle. Oxford applicants should take the test by October 20th, and applicants to other UK universities should take the test by January 20th.

Extensive and Professional Services

The Oxbridge Admission Consultant Team offers students a comprehensive service to ensure that their application to G5 Universities is fully supported. The service package is composed of the following items:

Advice on programme and college choices

A detailed study report per term

Intensive courses & training on entrance and aptitude tests *

UCAS application support

Interview Preparation Course for G5 application

Weekly communication on study progress

Video-call every other week to work on critical thinking

Guidance on writing a personal statement

Visits to Universities and Open Days with students *

Suggestions on Industry Placement

*Additional fees may apply

In order to broaden students’ horizons and develop their thinking, the following will be included in the regular video meetings:

Discussion on world affairs

Recommendation on academic readings

British history and culture sharing

Training on logical thinking skills



Further Information

For further information on our full UK Oxbridge and G5 Universities Strategic Admission Consultation Service, including a full breakdown of the common entrance and aptitude tests, timeline and the full mentor credentials, please see this document:

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