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 Gavin Brooks 

Leadership Mentor

I joined the British Army as a Royal Military Policeman in 1998 and during my 21 years of service I had many different roles. These include, Physical Training Instructor, Close Protection Operative (Bodyguard), Leadership and Mentoring coach, Map reading Instructor, and Instructor of Officers who teach Combined Cadet Force (CCF) within the private school sector.


I have hugely varied experience including being deployed to various countries on peacekeeping missions, for example spending eight months in Afghanistan as Close Protection Team Leader in charge of a 7-man team responsible for the security of a NATO 4-star Ambassador. My role has required me to collaborate with many different people, including extensive work with the United States Military and other Foreign Armies.

Qualifications include:
• Leadership and mentoring
• Life coach Instructor
• Weapon and range training Instructor • Physical Training Instructor
• British Triathlon Level 2 Coach
• Kayak Instructor
• Map reading Instructor
• Combined Cadet Force Instructor
• Military Skills Instructor
• Command and Leadership Qualified • First Aid Qualifications
• Mountain Leader
• Close Protection Officer


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