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Lizzie Wilmot   

11+ 13+ Common Entrance English Tutor 


Lizzie is an English Literature BA finalist at Durham University. She is Editor-In-Chief of the publication ‘From the Lighthouse’ at Durham University English Literature Society. She attended Roedean School in Brighton for five years before attending Bhasvic where she began tutoring English in local schools. Since then, she has mainly tutored online, helping and prepping students for their entrance exams and national 11+ and 13+ papers. Lizzie has just accepted an offer to study for a master degree at the University of St Andrews, starting in September 2021.


Tutoring info for 11+ & 13+ - entrance exam
At this stage, it is important for students to set out goals for certain areas in which they'd like to improve in an allocated time frame. Lessons would begin by going through a number of activities which would allow myself to ascertain the academic level that the student is on, highlighting the areas that need concentration and choosing alongside the student the ways in which we could do this together. As I’ve been tutoring 11+ and 13+ for three years now, I have an extensive range of resources and documents that cover every aspect that each exam focuses on and as lessons proceed, I begin to construct detailed and personal lesson plans that include small quizzes, reading exercises and   writing tasks to suit abilities and look over work in between sessions to offer feedback for the next one. It is then effective to revisit certain areas of difficulty in order for them to remain familiar in a student's mind and for their original goals to be met. At the end of the session, together, we will reflect on the session and see what could be focused next time or perhaps what may need to be revised again.

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