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Abby Plumb Education Guardian Service UK University Pathway Planning and Admission Service Plan

Academic achievement at the highest level is not the only pre-requisite for securing a place at a top UK Russell Group University. In addition, students must offer a set of holistic, co-curricular, life experience skills and extended academic achievements to complement academic grades.

Our bespoke Pathway Plan will enable students to master and develop these essential skills and achievements beyond the prescriptive nature of the curriculum, in addition to reaching their academic potential. Our Pathway Plan will offer students the support and guidance they need to make the right academic and co-curricular decisions, together with monitoring their progression in line with their own and the school’s expectations.


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Stage 1 - Exploration

First interview to establish academic competency whilst exploring student’s interests and character leading to the mapping of key milestones aligned to academic and all round potential.

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Stage 2 - Preparation of University Pathway Plan

Periodic monitoring sessions with students to review academic and co-curricular progress, and setting of new future targets. This will also help to identify challenges and remove any obstacles to success so that progress is made.


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Stage 3 - Academic Mentoring and Goal Tracking, both within and beyond the curriculum.

Second interview to establish future ambitions and goals leading to the preparation of a full written tailored individual University Pathway Plan, including monitored target setting, to maximise goal success.

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Stage 4 – University Application Monitoring

Provide strategy for university choices selection, coaching student to organize the writing material, write compelling and persuasive personal statement, drilling interview skills, making decision in conditional offers.

Our Strategy


Assessing student's goal and ability 


Designing a strategic and personalised study plan for the student


Montoring student's study progress and giving them advice

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