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Brampton College

Co-educational for ages 15 – 19 years old.


Brampton College taught in small classes at 6th Form College, a famous private day school in London, UK.


A Level scores ranked highest in London and the largest number of students enrolled in a prestigious medical school.


One-year GCSE course / Two-year A Level course September admission is now enrolling students.


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Brampton College

Brampton College is located in the Barnet area of ​​northwest London, with convenient transportation, 30 minutes direct to central London. This school is London's best private 6th Form College, schools use a variety of teaching methods, encouraging the potential of students, teaching students how to learn effectively, set their own clear goals, and assist students to achieve their ideals. No more than 9 students in each class, students can get individual tutoring, and the teacher can also fully understand the students' learning abilities.

Homework is also highly valued, so that students can repeat the course content, and often have exams in class to stimulate students’ understanding and therefore let the teacher know the weakness of the student, and give real counseling. Generally speaking, A Level students may spend as much time on self-study as classroom study time each week. The college encourages students to use the school’s spacious learning facilities, which are open from 7:30 in the morning to 7:00 in the evening.

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2020 A Level Results


Grade A* - A


Grade A* - B

2020 GCSE Results


Grade 9 - 7 (A* / A)
The national average is 29.6%


9 - 4 (A* / C)
The national average is 15.6%
33.3% of the highest 9 points (higher than the previous A* level), while the national average is 6.4%

Excellent academic performance

The academic performance is also very good, and the school’s curriculum is rich and diverse, such as medicine, economics, law, music, art, and psychology. In the past five years, 209 students have entered the School of Medicine to study medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, ophthalmology, and veterinary medicine. A+/A accounted for 69.8% of the 2020 A level test scores and more than 91% of students got A/B scores.

Students usually get the qualifications necessary to enter the top universities in the UK continue to enter Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, University College London (UCL)Study a degree program with the London School of Economics (LSE).

Brampton College has a long history of achieving excellent A-level results. The college is in the UK education of independent 6th Form CollegeRanked third in the country in the Department of Performance (DfE) performance table (released in January 2020), and has been ranked in London for the past 19 yearsIt is the first of 6th Form College*. In 2020, DfE will also rank A-level progress scores in the top 2% of the national university and college rankings.Ranked 5th in London*, this score measures a student's progress from GCSE to A level-an amazing achievement. *Not including lessSmall tuition college for 40 students

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University Admissions


In recent years, the competition for university admissions has become increasingly fierce and complicated, but most Brampton students work in highly competitive fields (such as medical Science, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Law, Economics, Psychology and English) received admission to Russell Group University.

From October 2005 to August 2020, students enrolled in the following courses:

• Medical students (155)

• Dental (99)

• Law Science (77)

• Economics (171)


More than 1,100 students have entered Russell Group’s universities, including:

• University of Birmingham (126)

• King's College London (119)

• University of London UCL (88)

• University of Manchester (109)

• University of Nottingham (173)

Two-year A Level course

Study four courses in the first year, according to the requirements of most British universities, reduce to three courses in the second year.

A Level optional subjects

•Science, Mathematics and Computer Science

•Biology      •Chemistry      •Physics      •Mathematics     

•Advanced Mathematics      •Computer Science Arts      •Art      •Photography & Film      •English      •History     

•Religious Studies      •French      •Spanish      •Italian      •German      •Latin      •Classical Civilization Science      •Economics     

•Business Studies      •Psychology      •Government and Politics     

•Sociology      •Law      •Geography

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GCSE one year (Pre-A level) course

Freshmen include students transferred from other schools, who want to complete the GCSE course within one year, and some students who make up the GCSE course.Students usually choose up to seven courses. The scope of the timetable has a certain degree of flexibility, so it can ensure that each student is treated as an individual Wait. Students study a one-year course.

Optional subjects

• Mathematics      • English Language      • English Literature     

• Biology      • Chemistry      • Physics      • History

• Art      • Religious Studies      • Present Generation language

• Geography


In addition to academic courses, GCSE students study the compulsory PSHE courses, and can also participate in extracurricular activities for preparatory courses, including sports and hiking. And art galleries and theaters. Sports is an important feature of the GCSE program, including a compulsory course held once a week at the local sports center.

English Courses

English language ability is a very important academic ability. All students who are not native English speakers and have not yet obtained appropriate English language qualifications need to take the IELTS test, the IELTS test is a public test that examines the English proficiency of college admissions.


To enter a British university, students need a minimum IELTS score of 6.5, while highly competitive universities such as Oxford, Cambridge or Imperial College, require a minimum score of 7.5 points or more. During three classes a week, students mainly train the following skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking, and training high grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. We encourage students to take the IELTS test when they are ready, but at any time during their studies. Academy ensure that students are familiar with the test format, and students can improve their ability to take the test through regular exercises.

UCAS Application

UCAS Application Expert Tutoring-The professional and comprehensive services provided by the college range from a guide to selecting the appropriate degree meta-course to completing the UCAS form and extensive help in interview preparation. Our experienced career consultants are ready to provide you with personal guidance. Select the university and fill in UCAS Students will also receive extensive help from their personal tutors when submitting forms.

Exam Practice

Practicing a lot of exam questions under timed conditions is an essential part of preparing for the A-level and GCSE exams. Weekly or bi-weekly exams are a characteristic of all courses and a key element of our students' success. Exams help students and tutoring are both identifying weaknesses and Introduce new strategies to deal with difficult points. This helps students gain the confidence and skills necessary to succeed in the exam.

Brampton College Application Enquiry

Entrance requirements are assessed based on students’ school performance and conduct, and entrance examinations are also required. Depending on the school's requirements, students may also have the opportunity to conduct an interview.

Classes will start in September 2022 and are now enrolling students. If you are interested, please contact AbbyPlumbEducationalGuardian Service in the UK for details. Mrs Abby Plumb, a senior Chinese educational guardian in the United Kingdom, will give analysis and suggestions to help parents and students prepare for further studies.
The most professional education consultation service (online consultation time can be reserved by email or phone)

Brampton College

Address: Lodge House, Lodge Rd, London NW4 4DQ, UK

Phone: +44 (0)20 8959 1176


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