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Haberdashers' Monmouth Schools for Boys (Boarding Boys School)

The Monmouth Model educates girls & boys aged 3 - 18 through a unique combination of single-sex and co-education at the optimum stages of their academic life.

Haberdashers’ Monmouth School for Boys was founded in 1614 and has a long history. It is a male school located on the southeastern border of Wales.Boarding school. Haberdashers' Monmouth School for Girls is its sister school, which is larger and can be reached in 10 minutes. schoolPart of the preparatory course will start with Monmouth Girls. Students can learn to get along with the opposite sex and learn from them. Monmouth School for Boys currently has about 630 students. The tuition fee is cheaper than that of schools in London. It is one of the few that offer the GCSE British exam

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The Boys Boarding School

The school has a long history and is proud to abide by the traditional Christian teachings. Monmouth School for Boys provides a positive, constructive andThe inspiring single-sex community gives students the opportunity to thrive in it. The school allows every boy to get full attention and guide them in a targeted mannerTo develop personal potential, and provide enough and a wide range of subjects for students to choose from. Both GCSE and A-Level teach nearly 25 subjects. School spiritThe heart plans educational courses to motivate and challenge students; academic courses are tailored specifically for them, and they can choose a variety of subjects without any sex.Don’t be influenced by stereotypes.

In addition, the school actively encourages students to participate in art or sports. The school emphasises the learning of life skills, through outdoor experience, under appropriate pressure,Help them build self-confidence! In addition, the school is committed to providing a good learning environment, not only to lead students to study hard, but also to provide scholarships for financialDifficult students, so that every student with potential can get a good education opportunity.

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The Boys Boarding School

Boarding students account for about a quarter of all students in the school. The dormitory of college entrance examination students is equipped with wireless network, which is similar to university dormitories, so students can experience university life earlier.The school employs child psychologists and school pastors to provide comprehensive support to students. The dormitory often organizes community services to enrich the holiday life of the boarders. 2011In 1999, Monmouth was selected as the best boarding school by his family in the "The Archant" boarding school exhibition in London.

Monmouth School for Boys has complete sports facilities, including swimming pools, football fields and gymnasiums. Under the guidance of professional coaches, studentsThere are often opportunities to participate in inter-county or international competitions, especially rugby, rowing and cricket. The school encourages students to break through themselves and regularly organize Chinese learningIt provides opportunities to study languages ​​and cultural exchanges in France, Spain and Germany. The school also has many annual productions, such as dramas for senior students,Drama, choir, symphony orchestra, symphony orchestra and jazz band for grade students.

Excellent academic performance

The school implements small class teaching and provides about 25 college entrance examination subjects for students to choose from. There are not only traditional subjects such as chemistry and economics, but also other choices. Such as business and drama and theater studies.


In the 2019 college entrance examination, 66.4% of students got A*-B, and nearly 30% of them got three or more A*-A.


Over 90% of students progress to universities, and over the years, students have received admissions from Oxford and Cambridge universities.

2019 GCE A Level Results



Grade A* - A
Grade A* - B

2019 GCSE Results


Grade 9 - 7 (A* - B) 
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GCSE Subjects

Core compulsory subjects: Maths, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), English & English LiteratureOptional Subject: Modern languages ​​(French, Spanish, German), Art & Design, Computer Science,Design & Technology, Drama, Geography, Classical Greek, History, Latin, Music, Religious Studies, PSHE

Foundation Sixth Form Year
(1 Year GCSE):

6 GCSE (ESL, Maths, Own Language, Dual Award Science)

GCE A level subjects offered:

Art & Design, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Classical Civilisation, Classical Greek, ComputerScience, Design & Technology, Drama & Theatre, Economics, English Literature, EPQ, French, FurtherMaths, Geography, Government & Politics, History, Latin, Maths, Music, Philosophy, Physics, PhysicalEducation, Psychology, Religious Studies, Russian, Spanish

2020/21 Boarding Tuition (Annually):

Year 10 - Year 11: £30,852

Year 12 - Year 13: £33,498

Haberdashers' Monmouth Schools vacancy application inquiry

Classes started in September 2022 and are now enrolling students.


If you are interested, please contact Abby Plumb Educational Guardian ServiceFor details. Mrs Abby Plumb, a senior Chinese education guardian in the United Kingdom, will give analysis and suggestions to help families and students prepare for further studies. mostProfessional education consultation service (online consultation time can be reserved through email or telephone.

Haberdashers' Monmouth
Schools for Boys

Address: Almshouse Street, Monmouth, Monmouthshire, NP25 3XP, UK


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